Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yoo In Na For a Soju CF

But no one is paying attention to the soju.


  1. What's so good about her? Ok, she got boobs, maybe she got curves. But she's plain looking. Almost an ahjumma already.

  2. ^
    She's 28. I thought ahjummas were women in their 40s or 50s? LOL~

  3. Well if you are 12 then a 28 year old might be considered an ahjumma. I'm not really a fan of In Na's face myself, but it's not bad enough that I wouldn't hit that in a quickness if given the opportunity.

  4. Nobody ever does. I know a guy who received a(n) Lee Hyori soju poster from his parents for his birthday, and was overjoyed. It's still on his wall.

  5. I would jizz so often if I had a Lee Hyori poster. I'd corner the market on cheap sperm donations.


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