Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Rants: Debuts out the Ass, Comebacks, and Scandals(?)

So this week in K-pop has been pretty slow. Some would say the highlight of the week was Lee Jia's secret marriage with Seo Taiji and mister-tress Jung Woosung. Well no, the real highlight was Girl's Day Maxim shoot.

Anyways, there also have been a lot of debuts and comebacks in the last week. B14A, X-5, and A Pink debuted this week. B14A and X-5 aren't too bad, but nothing worthwhile to listen to. A Pink is awesome. They chose a good time to recycle cute flowery music. With all the wannabe American hip-hop crap, it made A Pink seem like they started something new. f(x) also had their comeback stage, but it was pretty boring. It wasn't even worth it to watch it for Victoria and Krystal. Luna and Sulli just killed my buzz for their performances.

Music Shows all this week were pretty boring. The worst one was Music Bank though with groups covering songs terribly.

Girl's Day should have sang this on Music Bank.

In other news, netizens are speculating companies are buying back their albums to alter chart positions...well I don't really care because it doesn't affect me.


  1. That Maxim shoot with Girl's Day was my highlight also, love their song but damn they got some amazingly cute members i swear. Yura and sojin kill me got dayum, hell even Hyeri and the leader. Not so much minah except her voice on that OST she did, She owned that. Hot members, Cute song, catchy dance i became interested. Maxim shoot I became a fan lol.

  2. A Pink sucks ass. It's never a good time to copy a group's style while that group still exists. MuBank had two redeeming performances, but both of those were the original groups (or what's left of them anyways) performing their own songs.

    1. agree with you. Apink sucks shit!! Haha even though i love cube, i dislike APink.. Too cute for my taste..

  3. A Pink started something new? Please excuse me while I go laugh some rainbow raisins out of my ass.

    Girls Day should go on Music Bank and have Minah sing by herself while the rest smile behind her, with Hyeri lipsynching with a stoned face.


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