Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lyrics from a GDTOP song that didn't make the final cut

As you know, artists record many more songs than are actually on their albums. A lot of songs don't make the cut. The past couple of days, a song that didn't make it on GDTOP's album has been spreading on Korean messageboards, but people were only able to obtain GD's lyrics.


Love song을 들을때마다 탑이 내 항문을 따먹길 바래
내 침대에 탑 함께 잘래
탑은 내게 못 속해
이 세상에 모두를 욕해
다음엔 난 여자로 wanna roleplay
항상 탑의 좆 필요해
태양, 대성, or 승리와 섹스는 날 안 치료해
탑의 좆 없이 it's like I'm lost 미로에
I never squirm when TOP drenches my face in sperm
혼자서 탑을 생각하며 자위할때 난 우는게
탑 항문을 핥을때 난 웃는게
우린 섹스할땐 탑은 finishes like a boss
내 입 모두를 catches like Randy Moss


Everytime I hear a love song I want TOP to fuck me in the ass
I want to sleep together with TOP in my bed
TOP can't belong to me
I curse everyone in this world
I wanna roleplay as a woman next time
I constantly need TOP's cock
Having sex with Taeyang, Daesung or Seungri won't cure me
Without TOP's cock it's like I'm lost in a maze
I never squirm when TOP drenches my face in sperm
I'm crying when I'm alone thinking of TOP and jacking off to him
I'm smiling when I'm licking TOP's butthole
When we have sex TOP finishes like a boss
My mouth catches everything like Randy Moss

GD's best rhymes, skill wise, never made it to an album, but the lyrics creep me the fuck out. Just what the fuck is that fuckery?!


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