Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Looking For Additional Writers

Hate fangirls? Want to hate on them on this blog? You just need to meet the following:

- Fluent English
- Can take criticisms about your favorite groups/idols
- Can find sources on your own time instead of having others do it for you

Optional Requirements

- Can read Korean. I've posted some articles here 12-16 hours before the English Kpop news sources have
- Can edit images. Hell, I use Microsoft Paint...
- Can write consistently

You don't have to write consistently, as a few articles a week would suffice. It'd just be nice to have more writers to lessen to load.

If you want to apply:

- Create a Google account first so that I can make you a writer on the blog
- Send 1 troll article to It doesn't matter if the article was written today, yesterday, etc. Just write about one that was written in the past week.
- Send 1 troll review of a(n) (mini) album or a MV to the same email address.


  1. LOL~ You're basically recruiting fellow trolls?

  2. Yup. Need to groom some fellow trolls to write here.

  3. Hmm, I'm somewhat confident in both writing and trolling. No time during these coming 3 weeks though cos I have exams. But if there's still an opening from the 20th of May onward I'll send something in.

  4. CZ can you forward some of the good ones to me? I'd like to read them as well.

  5. Trolls are so legit.

  6. @Anonymous Spots are always open.
    @David Yeah.

    Starting in 2012, I'll be much busier, so I want a good staff of writers here to pick up the slack, and if I have to end up stepping down, there will already be a good core of writers here.

  7. my friend just showed me this site and i have to say , i'm hooked. LOL. it's cynical and sarcastic as fuck (just like me...), and i completely agree with most of the viewpoints offered here (ESPECIALLY THE ONES AGAINST SMENT. FUCK THEM TO HELL). i think i just might apply[;

    i'm korean and was born there as well , therefore i am pretty fluent in reading/speaking/understanding korean.

    i usually don't have anyone to rant to about these topics because i don't know many people that are interested in k-pop (and if they are i hate talking to them because they wouldn't know talent if it came up and bitch-slapped them) so having a place to write them out would be cool xP

    question on the application requirements:

    would allkpop be considered a good source of information ? i saw a few articles that referenced akp but i thought i'd make sure.

    about the "writing consistently" aspect:

    so if it's a few articles a week , would it be acceptable to write those few articles at one time during the week and basically stay on a hiatus until the next week ? just wanted to make sure , because there may be times where i get too busy to devote too much time to the site.

  8. ^
    Don't worry, we're all lazy fucks here. 1/2 articles a week should suffice, it's fine if you do a few at the same time, *coughDavidcough* does that all the time. Do mail us your entry! :)

    & yes allkpop is a good source, although I get most of my info from the 6theory forums not the main site since people there update a lot quicker than akp (especially the artist threads) lol.

  9. Yeah, just send your article to the email in the post. It doesn't have to be a troll post, it could be a review/opinion of something. We lightened up on the trolling since the time I wrote this.

    As for sources, allkpop, Soompi and Koreaboo are fine. I sometimes get shit from Naver, Newsen or Nate but these days I'm a day late on most news (so like 5 hours after allkpop posts their translation) so I use allkpop a lot.


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