Monday, April 25, 2011

2PM performs on Heyx3

Wow, what a disaster. I actually like this song in Korean, but this is the disaster I was predicting. First of all, the whole song sounds bad in Japanese, and it's not just their accent. The song just didn't transition well to Japanese.

Anyone else notice how awful the rapping was? I called it. Shit is hysterical. They get a .001/10 on my Verbal scale for rapping. Watch the end though, the girls going apeshit after Chansung takes off his shirt is almost as funny as the performance itself.


  1. hamada shouldve told 2pm to be quiet instead lol

  2. If it wasn't for the Hallyu, there's no way 2PM would ever be on this show.

  3. Yeah rip it off 2pm, that's the only thing you can do the best.

  4. lol the "woman" who grabbed chansung is a tranny

  5. I cringed during this entire video. >_<

    LOL @ Haruna Ai grabbing at them. I wonder if they know she used to be "Kenji"? :p


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