Monday, April 25, 2011

Park Kyung Rim and Tony Ahn aren't on 100/100 anymore

And all I gotta say is "FUCK YEAH!" I hate Kyung Rim's voice and Tony makes me laugh once every 5 episodes. I know they're changing up the show, let's hope they don't overdo the same games like they have been. But, I dunno if I'll like the next episode as much. Too many people on, not enough Soyeon and Hyosung screen time.

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  1. I would have to agree, Park is funny with his crude in your face humor on happy together, and kim shin young had me rollin on Invincible youth. Just hope they fix the "punishment room" there could be something else done there that's more interesting i think.

    One other thing i would like to see change is when the guest come on they are encouraged more to get into the games, especially the part where they sing in front of the camera. They are guests and i would love to see more of them instead of Lee joon jumping his ass in the seat every chance he gets.


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