Thursday, April 21, 2011

10 South Korean Men An Hour Have Been Cured of Erectile Dysfunction

And today is just the first day. What is the new secret drug? Nope, it's not a drug like Viagra that makes your heart work harder to achieve wood. It's a technique that was thought to only work on younger males, but doctors have found out that it works on every male, regardless of age.


  1. I can't wait until Illest sees this article.

  2. Still wish Yura would go back to her natural hair color. Asian's look horrible as blondes.

  3. Adds to fap bank.

  4. Reminds me why I want to be Girl's Day's manager-oppa. You're probably the only male they have close contact with the most in their idol lives. Use that shit to your advantage is what I'm saying.

    I'd first pick out who was going to be "my dongsaeng", in this case Yura. When those bitches want coffee, I'd buy Yura the most expensive, like Caramel Frappucino and for the rest shitty Americano. Get her Voss water and for the others bottled tap. If they're dieting for their next comeback, I'd smuggle in chocopies, Kyochon chicken, and Milkis just for Yura. Make her feel comfortable around me so she can snuggle next to me and tell me her dreams, hopes and fears. She would eventually fall asleep on my shoulder (since I'm an awesome listener and my voice is like quaalude). Then I'd brush her hair aside, smile, and kiss her on the forehead.

    After they finish with their practice (all tired and sweaty), I'd drive them back home and let the rest of the irrelevants get off the van but call out to Yura and say that I have something to say to her (about her performance or some other BS). She gets in the front seat next to me, looks at me with that fuckable face of hers and teases me.

    "What is it oppa? I really need to take a shower right now cuz I stink." I don't say anything, but lean in to kiss her. Yura backs away, "oppa... w-we can't be doing this." Now at this point, I've fucking had it. "Umm.. I'll see you tomorrow oppa." She reaches for the door, but I fucking lock the doors in her face. "Whoooaaa. You think you have a choice in this matter bitch? My dick is getting wet tonight one way or the other." I grab her hair and drag her to the back seat.

    So we're in the back, she's all whimpering and sobbing and making occasional animals noises. I'm like "take it slut. After all I've done for you. I can't love you? FUCK YOU. I'm going to make you love me bitch." I make sure I take pictures with my phone so the bitch wont talk. Yep, one of the best perks of being a girlgroup manager.

    FYI: I didn't say the r word at all, so if you're thinking it, then you're the one who needs help.

    1. That is so...messed up, you sick fuck!

      Can you do me a small favor and post it on


  5. You are so fucked dude. I really hope you never know someone who has been raped, but seeing how many women are raped in this country, you probably do. I'm all for trolling, but rape isn't funny.

  6. Fake boobs are still faker than Heechul's penis!


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