Monday, April 18, 2011

ADKF: f(x) - Pinocchio Reaction

So I love this MV. The video is visually appealing to me with all the colors and set designs. I like shiny things, and Krystal's abs...damn nice (I can say this stuff cause 17 is legal here. In your face Anti Kpop-Fangirl!). Victoria is smoking hot like always and I'm so glad she's gotten more screen time. Amber actually looks less like a man with her (that's right I'm using her now) blonde hair. Though when she puts her hair up, it just screams man. Amber has moved up a peg in my book with her less manly looks and somewhat better rapping. Luna...she's ok and she doesn't really do much even when she's singing the high notes since its auto-tuned but she's pretty.

Sulli is just terrible though. I find Amber more attractive than Sulli in this MV. That's right! I just said Amber, who I usually make jokes about being a man, is more attractive than Sulli. Does that make me gay? Probably not, but Sulli could probably do the trick. I hate her with a passion almost as great as I hate kpop-fangirls.

Song's great though. Definitley a highlight of early 2011 especially when compared with recent tracks like "I Don't Know", "Mirror Mirror", "Do You Know", and "To Me".

Good job SME, it's a good follow up to "Nu Abo".

I give the MV a 3/5...4/5 if I was drunk and Amber had a bag over her head.


  1. What's with the bandwagon Sulli hate?

  2. Can't be bandwagon hating if he hated her before the bandwagon lol.

  3. I haven't liked Sulli since I first saw f(x). there is nothing attractive about her, but then I find Victoria pretty damn boring too. Krystal is the only one worth a look in this group.

  4. After actually watching the MV I had more to say, but I said it at AKF's review.

  5. I also believe Krystal is the only redeeming point, although I don't mind saying that Sulli is second in my book; judging by looks anyways (my interests in this group are pretty shallow).

  6. Sulli looks sooo pretty in the MV, silly person! What the? Luna has such good vocals <3

  7. F(X) sucks, and krystal is ugly!!! they're all ugly!! including the lesbo and the short dwarf!!
    sulli is cute


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