Saturday, April 23, 2011

What songs are you listening to recently?

Not really liking anything in Kpop right now. Last song I fanboyed over was Girl's Day's Twinkle Twinkle, and I haven't really liked anything from the girl groups in April. I like 4minute's Mirror Mirror, but it's not a song I can listen to a lot.

Right now, I'm going through m-flo's Expo Expo album. As for Korean music, Simo's album is gold. It's too good for me to listen to a lot. And well, it's not the typical kind of hiphop I listen to a lot. I really like it, but I think overlistening to it would ruin it for me.

So, what are listening to lately?


  1. Mostly Dynamic Duo, Drunken Tiger, Supreme Team, 4minute, A Pink, and a hint of T-ara.

  2. Top Girl by TomTom is amazing :D

  3. I like TomTom too! Today I've been listening to quite a bit of H-eugene, CSJH, and random dance songs while watching dance performances. I'm sure there was some BEP and Britney Spears in there, but I was paying attention to the dancing more than the music.

  4. TomTom is def. underrated...

    Recently, I like: 배가 불렀지 (Feat. GaeKo of DYNAMIC DUO) from Supreme Team
    혼자두지마 by JQ and Han SoA
    and Slowly Feel My Eyes by Dia (it's from last year but eh)


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