Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rumor: After School's New Members?

After School's new album has been released, and I'm sure someone will review it. However, what really caught my eye were the two girls featured (Yoon Jo & Kyung Min), implying that After School will now have a total of eleven members. There is even some speculation among netizens that some of the older members (Kahi, Bekah, Jugs) may be graduating. Which is unfortunate indeed.

Nevertheless, I found it the manner in which they introduced the new girls extremely entertaining.

Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl Yoon Jo)

Funky Man (Nana Vs. Lizzy feat. Pre-School Girl)

That's right, Pre-School Girl. I love Kpop and it's lol-worthy moments.
And remember folks, you heard (or in this case, read) it first here at Anti Kpop-Fangirl. Unless the rumor is false. Then you never saw this shit.


  1. LMAO. I noticed the "Pre-School Girl" thing in the song titles earlier, but I guess my lack of sleep just caused me to overlook it. I didn't really like either of those songs anyways.

  2. It would be a LOSS to After School if Bekah, Jungah and Kahi leave. They may be considered old but they're three of the most talented in the group.
    "Pre-school" thing made me want to ROFLMAO.
    Seriously though, the album is good. I was sick of hearing them release 'single albums' which were basically singles.
    I'm no AS fan or fx fan, but I'd take Virgin over Pinocchio any day!

  3. If Kahi, Jungah, Jooyeon or Bekah leave, I'll be greatly disappointed.

  4. I'm sure that Kahi and Jung ah said that they would not be graduating, from After School,any time soon and in my opinion Kahi is a great leader and if she wasn't there or the other girls i don't think After School will be the same anymore but i love their new concept <3

  5. Maybe the 'Pre-school girls' will be another group under pledis, they're already forming/formed After School boys... too bad they are not creative with the names XP


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