Monday, June 20, 2011

Hyomin is T-ara's new leader

Another day, another T-ara leader. Core is a fucktarded label, but at least we'll see Soyeon as leader at some point (not that being leader matters at all, as Boram has displayed wonderfully).

Anyways. I love Hyomin and all (read: people always say this when they're about to bash an idol and are afraid of retaliation: it's usually not true. In this case, I actually do like her), but she has no qualities of a leader. She's quiet, soft-spoken, and doesn't command respect as does, say, Soyeon.

But once again, she has Boram's name to live up to, which shouldn't be hard (at all).


  1. Just saying this before people make fun of Boram.

    Boram has hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating disorder), shes frail, and it takes her alot of energy to be able to be in T-ara. Why she was appointed leader? I'm not sure. But when she was leader, she started talking more and becoming more outgoing.

  2. Yeah, but she hardly talked at all. There was a huge difference on screen between Eunjung being a leader and Boram being a leader. Soyeon was like Boram's spokeswoman or something lol.

    티아라 새로운 리더는 병풍이다...

    Let's see how 병풍 does. She is my second favorite member...but she's still a 병풍 and that doesn't bode well in being a leader. But hey, at least T-ara's sexiest member is the leader now.

    And since you mentioned Soyeon David...



    btw, hyomin fucking owns, although its clear to see she lacks leadership qualities, esp after watching iy

  4. ^

  5. Soyeon and Eunjung are the only two that possess leadership qualities in T-ara but at least Hyomin will be better than Boram

  6. It's a reference to her lack of variety skills in Invincible Youth.

  7. as much as i love Hyomin, they should just make Soyeon leader now...but i wonder if Qri is any better than Boram in terms of leadership

  8. rofl 병풍. loved her in Invincible Youth =D

  9. Fucking old.

    Also, I thought the 병풍 persona was just an act IY. She's really like that?

  10. ^
    Most likely not. Her personality on IY was equivalent to someone with Down's syndrome.

  11. OH SHIT! mis-pasted that link here, should have sent it somewhere else...sorry for the old vid

    anyway, her IY persona was the reason i became SO into her...but i really doubt that she can do good work as a leader...

  12. She's shy around strangers. That's why she's bad at variety shows. And moreover, during IY, she was desperate as T-ara was not that popular. She's funnier and louder in T-ara's reality shows.
    However, I do agree that she doesn't have any leader qualities. I am a Hyomin stan. See, I don't even like T-ara anymore, I even despise Jiyeon but I LOVE this girl, have been following her since her debut. And honestly, I cannot see any leader qualities in her. She's fun, she's loud, she keeps fans updates. But I just feel that noone in T-ara actually respect her and follow what she says. Not to mention, she's not mentally tough. She is easily hurt and depress by malicious comments by A+ (for Idol Show) and VIPs (Idol King).

    CCM only makes her leader because of the upcoming Japanese promotion. She got the Japanese Idol Package: can be cute & sexy, good vocal (as in acceptable, can sing. Not as in incredible vocal like Soyeon), funny(I am not sure if she could pull this angle off), tweets and blogs to keep fans update, fashionable(this attracts a lot of female fans and casual fans).

  13. ^ I agree that they put her as leader solely on the fact she fits the Japanese market better. Nothing more, nothing less.

  14. NO ONE in t-ara should be leader EXCEPT Eunjung.

  15. Eunjung is and will always be their functional leader. Remember when Eunjung was injured and could perform with them? Their performances completely fell apart. I really don't think that is just because they were sad to not have her, it was because she leads them, she sets a standard for them to live up to. Soyeon didn't help them then and won't be able to help them later.

    Is Soyeon more charismatic, smart, mature, skilled, and hard working? Yes. However, influence upon others in your group is a separate quality from all of these. That influence has been forever granted to Eunjung and I don't see it ever passing off to someone else.

  16. I agree with Dice, I still see Eunjeong as the leader.
    The only person that comes close to becoming T-ara leader after Eunjeong is Soyeon, but she doesnt have that "follow me" attitude.

    Though, Hyomin could surprise us. Imagine them making Qri being

  17. Qri is waaaay too laid back.

    Qri: So, uh... maybe we should... practice?
    Jiyeon: I'M HUNGRY!
    Boram: Yeah! Let's eat!
    Qri: Uh, okay. Cool.

  18. I'm with you two. I still saw no point in Eunjung not being the leader. Things were fine when Eunjung was the leader and Soyeon was the speaker.

  19. I agree. Eunjung was a great leader and Soyeon is a great speaker. Soyeon would make an okay leader (2nd to Eunjung), but I think that she is too strong and dominating that some members might be less inclined to voice their opinions to Soyeon than Eunjung. Anyways, I don't understand why they need to change leaders when everything was fine.

  20. hyomin might have a hard time controlling them because she's a "folding screen" or whatever they call it. i still think she's the prettiest and has got the best body out of all of them. soyeon could have done well e.g. in variety shows where she's given a script but she doesn't read it and creates her own flow instead. it's good, but it's hard to lead when you don't make plans beforehand. i really don't get why they don't make eunjung leader again. :/

  21. Eunjung needs to be leader again... She's the full package and knows how to not only keep her group in line, but also look after them.

    Hyomin has a me first personality, it'll never work with her a leader because she'll just want all of the spotlight...

    Eunjung is T-ara's forever lead.


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