Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who do these fine ass, juicy legs belongs to?

Look at those thighs

They're so FINE!

So fucking sexy

Just ignore those horrible shoes

You want them




As if he couldn't get any gayer.

In response to this picture, fucking annoying ELF's commented: "O.O super sexy!!!", "so sexy lady HeeHee!" and shit like "Those are some of the sexiest legs ever. XD"

I expected atleast one person to say: "GAAAAAY!", sadly no. They probably didn't want a horde of fucktards chasing them and taking their social security numbers.


  1. This bitch loves cock, i dont know why people can't realize that.

  2. I bet the other 11 members in Suju fuck him in his sleep.


  4. Gay but funny xD

  5. Am I the only one who thinks he's bi?

    @ Rotary - Whoever you are you're fucking awesome.

  6. @Rotary - RightClick + FUCKING SAVE lol

  7. he's fucking funny

  8. That "Heechul is considering interracial marriage because of French women" is just a cover for his gayness.

    calf muscles too big for his leg + fishnet tights

    GTFO and come back when you don't have a dick up your ass, Lady HeeHee.

  9. Maybe he just loves to suck cock with the other SuJu members that's all. Cant blame him/her for being a whore. Ya'll know how he sucked the hell out of Lee Soo Man's cokc just to get into SuJu for all i care. And Heechul being anally raped by Siwon and DP'ed by Donghae is just part of their normal everyday lives. Don't fret. It's already part of their lives.

  10. am I the only one who thinks this guy is straight, but a troll?
    I've met a gay dude from Korea before and he has to be REALLY low-key and undercover, because his parents would disown him [and a bunch of other crap] for being gay. In a society like that, being this...weird [for lack of a better word] to me just shows that Heechul is a crazy motherfucker who thinks this is funny.
    Also, a lot of VK artists are straight but cross-dress; I suppose I'm just too used to the idea for it to be surprising anymore xD

  11. ^I'm pretty sure no one actually thinks he's gay...
    He's a fucking troll and a good one at that.

  12. ^ No, I'm pretty sure they do.
    There's two extremes in this situation,
    1) The people who are completely convinced that Heechul is gay as the sky is blue and he doesn't have one idea in his pretty little head
    2) The crazy ELFs who are "turned on" by his crazy shit [because anything to do with oppa is sexy; most of these girls are like twelve], and don't see that the guy is clearly disturbed.

    The crossdressing/kissing dudes doesn't affect me because Heechul is J-rock fanservice in Korea for me. I think that's where he got the idea from lol
    If I was to pick one person from the industry who I really wouldn't have placed as being a pop artist based on their personality, it would probably be him.

  13. This guy is not funny, he is fucking lame.

  14. Doesn't he have any self respect ?

  15. No he's definitely gay
    He's so entertaining
    I love trannies

  16. Absolutely GAY...don't call it as fanservice..It's frigging annoying.

  17. I feel sorry for him, he has to do that kind of things for people to pay attention to him...

  18. ^you dont have to feel sorry for him, when he enjoys it.
    and actually i dont think the girls go crazy over him and than accept the crossdressing thing, but the other way round. they go crazy about him cause they love him crossdressing.
    i think it started very harmless with him having long hair and an up-do from time to time, and the fangirls went crazy over that look, and now he will never get out of that role, because sm wont let him. and now heechuls crossdressing is the best in the industry. it never fails to amuse me.
    he may be gay, he may be bi, he may be none of that. i dont mind actually.
    why does that even bother you? its kpop. you should got used to boys behaving like girls by now.

  19. K-pop had become notorious for having ladyboys as idols. Such a shame, really.

  20. as a hard core ELF

    whether he's gay bi or a trannie, idgaf. lol

    he's entertaining to me and his "gangster english" and trollish ways makes him just that much better. lol

    TBH, i think that the funnest place on earth is one of the chocoball meetings with heechul, hongki and the whole AB blood gang lol

  21. in my opinion, HE REALLY IS GAY.

  22. He's so gay that he makes every other K-pop gayboy (like Jo Kwon) look straight!

  23. He's gayer than a gay pride parade in New York that led by that gay kid from Glee and Perez Hilton.

  24. He's gay but he's boy-fanning on SOHEE?!

    He must be bisexual. Watchathink?!

    1. I'm gay but I like some k-pop girls. :D


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