Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Yokukuhan Teaser

Yokukuhan will be the third movie from Toda Erika this year (her first movie this year, "April Fools," came out today) and after nearly two years of not seeing Erika in anything, this is welcome. I still hope she does a drama in the fall (even though I won't have to watch it, but still).

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed today's "Anti Jpop-Fangirl" April Fool's joke. I wanted to do something a little different for this year April Fool's joke. Last year I just posted ugly girls while saying they were hot, the year before I pretended I was a lesbian fangirl, and in 2012 I ripped on EYK...though that wasn't an April Fool's day post. I genuinely can't stand those fuckers.

Given that this will be my last year being a full-time writer for AKF (granted that I have barely written this year, but these 12 posts today probably put me ahead of every other writer on here in terms of number of articles for the year), I wanted to make a bunch of articles in the same style that I used to when I started the site, but about subject material 99% of AKF readers probably don't give a shit about. Since Toda Erika had a movie come out today, I figured I may as well do "Anti Jpop-Fangirl" for a day.


  1. Posting lots of Jpop news is fine by me.

    By the way, what happened to the Soyeon picture on the sidebar? I miss it already.

  2. Yeah, what's with the J binge? We want Soyeon! We want Soyeon!

  3. singlehandedly turning us into a jpop blog because we're all being lazy rn

  4. *Checks blog*
    What the fuck? Did Antikpopfangirl turn into Antijpopfangirl?
    *Checks date posted*
    Oh, how funny. Can Soyeon come back now?


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