Tuesday, May 17, 2011

B2ST/BEAST's MV for “Fiction”.

Dear Cube, okay I know your company's name stands for 'Certified Universal Best Engrish' but y'all are now just taking it to a whole new level.

'Fiction & Fact'? LOLWUT?

'Fact & Fiction' Cube.
You people have G.NA who's an
english speaker do yourself
a freaking favour and let her handle the translations etc if you want people not to facepalm at your fail Every. Single. Time.

Anyhoo back on topic.
The song's mediocre compared to 'Rainy Days' which I thought was freaking good.
When I saw the MV drop I was practically jumping in my seat thinking damn it's gonna be some epic ass shizzle what do I get? Some lame ass shit.

  • Kikwang for once isn't looking like a lost tranny
  • Park Bo Young is an eye candy to distract you from the fugness of Yoseob (smart move Cube!)
  • Junhyung stepping up his game.
  • Not enough sexiness from Dongwoon.
  • Yoseob's face.
  • Ze Engrish strikes again as usual 'Fiction' becomes 'FEEKSHUN'...sigh.
So the real question is do YOU Like/Dislike/DGAF (about) this MV?


  1. Downloaded it in high fucking quality for Park Boyoung, damnright.

  2. ^
    not surprising at all lol

  3. HOLY SHIIEEET no mention ON HYUNSEUNGS GAY ASSS HAIR??? wtf was that shit it looked like the shit color i see on circus clowns -____-
    CONS: hyunseungs always homo loooking asss

    overall i like BEAST though.

    besides bad girl when did Kikwang look like a tranny?? i think they made him look worst from before with that haircut..

    Seriously though i think the stylists fucked up all their hair on this one...
    i liked Dongwoon better blonde

    i like Rainy days sooo much better tooo.
    but Friction isnt bad either its a whole new level from Beutiful which was gay as shit from what i could see.

  4. i enjoy their live performances of the song

  5. Mmmm....I really liked the song but MV is so-so...

  6. if you dont like it, y not ignore it? Duh! LOL. You're HOMO ASS FUCK!

  7. what the hell, they dont speak english so of course they are going to have an acent and it wont sound perfect so dont make fun of them because of that. also i liked the video and the song, so if you dont like leave it and move on. is that so hard?

  8. i really love b2st, but JUNHYUNG'S CONSTIPATED EXPRESSION made me laugh so hard...

    anyway love the mv and the song

  9. Dumbass....IF THEY CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH THEN DON'T SING IN ENGLISH. seriously, they don't even fucking understand what the fuck they're saying. -____-

  10. No engrish at all.
    Is it too much to ask for?

  11. can't stand beast. can't stand 4minute too.

    for the same effin reason.

    they're desperately trying to sound ghetto with their fail english.

    borrowing a line from MYK (put your (in this case, their) song in my ipod and i'll probably skip it)

  12. Shut up guys, what's wrong with them? They sing English just to let their international fans understand at least a little, not for you guys to LAUGH and INSULT at. And, IF YOU DON'T LIKE K-POP, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND LEAVE THEM ALONE. DON'T HAVE TO INSULT.

  13. If you don't like KPop then why the hell do you fcking watch it? And they say fiction funny because it's not easy for them to pronounce the short i sound. Get a new hobby instead of making fun of KPop.

  14. If you people knew your English grammar you would know the dash between Kpop and Fangirl make it as one word. We hate Kpop fangirls. Is the quality of English teaching so poor for people to continually misread the name?

  15. If you say you hate fangirls then Why do you rip on the idols?

  16. they not be hatin.. they are just making valid and universally true constructive criticisms..

    usually criticisms make us improve ourselves more.. so be thankful that beast has critics so that they will understand that they have something to improve on..

    the thing is , no criticism = no improvement..
    so deal with it.

  17. Because fangirls like yourself overreact to whatever criticisms we write.

  18. Even after giving Hyunseung TOMATO RED hair, Cube still can't make him more noticeable. Poor him.

  19. lol.. but hating someone's face is just too much.. i dunno if that can be called constructive criticism... anywhere but the face please.. (well unless that person got plastic surgery on it..)
    anyway..love the site :)

  20. So the fangirls on tumblr kicked your ass for THIS review?
    God help you if they ever get hold of the SNSD and Super Juniors ones..


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