Thursday, May 26, 2011

SM Ent. promotes drug use

Particularly weed and various hallucinogens.

Warning: Teaser includes random-fucking numbers, Illuminati symbols, the middle finger (a big fuck you to loyal fans!), nude sculptures, various glorified animals (encouraging bestiality, yum), and a million other things that you won't fully understand until you watch the teaser.

All this creepy symbolism and 'splendid' mixing makes this the perfect video to watch while high... Personally, I was laughing throughout the whole thing (full screen + full volume). On the other hand, it's definitely not something you could call "professional", and may influence younger fans to experiment with drugs (that's right, SNSD is PG-13 bitches!). SM executives, y'all need to learn to "handle your shit".
That said, the teaser will probably be 100x more entertaining than the actual music video itself (no offense girls).


  1. I know this is really off topic but man.. you have to see this fan cam of Twinkle Twinkle. Hyeri's skirt is so short :DDD

  2. Oh, the Japanese. Always making weird shit. I only made it a minute into the teaser.

    But being a Jpop fan, the preview sounds better than all the material they released in Korea lol.

  3. Holy fucking shizzos. I just got high soon as I reached the 2:00 mark in the video. The video makes me high without even using any fucking drugs or smoking any weed.

  4. Sorry CurrenSy, but as of now, SNSD is my go to weed music.

  5. from the 2:17-2:19

    the earth the finger the 9 and the $

    subliminal message LOL


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