Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bora's legs...

Are so fuckable, god be damned.
If she wasn't underage I would d- wait, wait. Waaaaaait. Yep. She's legal. I'll be right back.


  1. She needs to cover her legs with honey. God damn. Just God damn.

  2. I'm in dilemma guys. Okay so both Hyosung and Bora got honey thighs, but who's honestly superior of the two?

    +cute fuckable face. like puppy dog cute (don't tell me that you haven't secretly thought of fucking a puppy in the face - like to the point where the jaw hinges break. ARRRRGGH THERE SO FUCKING CUTE).
    +milky white skin. just my thing.
    +big titties
    +those fucking thighs
    +has a nice tight ass
    +has no glaring cons

    +has a sexy face. one that you'll do a double take and then crash your car. especially hot when she bites her upper lip.
    +again great thighs and hips
    +tight body. yo I would eat off her body.
    -she's got that california tan going on. but it works with the sexy concept.

  3. Her legs are fuckable?
    So you mean you're gonna hump her legs?

    Love how you boys seems to think you're "kewl" enough with your big adult words to get with Hot Bora LOL

  4. Illest: Too far with the puppy thing, my man.
    Anon: Sure, why not?

  5. Yeah, just lube up her thighs and hold them together and you can fuck them.

  6. anon above probably doesn't have fuckable legs


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