Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dara's Troll Face

Am I the only one who hates that face she makes? She uses it in every video that I've ever seen of her.


  1. Wow what a fail aegyo. How did she get picked by Etude for a CF? Leave cosmetic CFs for Kang Jiyoung or something.

  2. Jiyoung is too good to be mentioned in the same sentence as 'her'.
    By the way, nice site.

  3. It's pretty sad when Bom has more facial expressions than Dara. I'd still bang her, but I'd probably have to put a paper bag on her head so I wouldn't see her making that stupid face the whole time.

  4. Whoever did her makeup.... needs to get fired.

  5. You gotta admit you can barely tell Dara and Jiyoung have almost a 10-year age gap.
    If this CF is based on aegyo, top jailbaits would have been the best choice. But I don't think Jiyoung is even near the top.

  6. hmmm... i believe dara's face is pretty...i mean we have different opinions of being pretty right...

    and their sales had progressed since she became a model....that's a fact

    so i think maybe, some anti-kpop peepz out there are still delusional...

  7. 0.0 dara stans are really delusional by calling her pretty and cute... -_-.
    I mean, gosh, is that even a face? :P


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