Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Korean dramas need to stop using English titles.


City Hunter = 시티헌터. It sounds like Shitty Hunter. I lol every time I see the title of the drama.

Definitely the worst one is City Hall = 시티홀. It's pronounced Shitty Hole. I just think of an unwiped asshole every time I read that title.

But yeah, Kdramas really need to start using Korean for drama titles.

Speaking of City Hunter, I have a feeling it's gonna be awful. Sure, it has Park Min Young and Goo Hara, but I still think it's gonna end up being really 시티. I'll watch it if those two have a lesbian scene or something. Which means I probably won't watch it.


  1. their language doesnt hv correct pronunciation for english.. bare with it

  2. even a stewardess also cannot speak it correctly.

  3. ^

    it's "bear" you know, not bare.

  4. sry typing error

  5. hahaha this was an awesome entry.

  6. Haha I actually lol'd.

  7. For every 20 entries on this blog, there's a genuinely hilarious entry, and this one was it. And sadly, I keep coming to this site hoping for more entries like this, but end up getting disappointed. :(

    Great entry!!

  8. It's an adaptation from Japanese manga City Hunter. It's not wrong to use the original name lol..


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