Thursday, May 19, 2011


Honestly, I haven't read a single article about this shit since I don't give a fuck about JYJ, but props to KBS for trolling JYJ fans. Keep those douches off of TV and everything will go well.


  1. LMAO
    *nods in agreement*

  2. lol boy, u jealouuuuuuuus.

  3. You seem to hate much about K-pop so exactly why are you angry that they left this system?
    If Changmin and Yunho thought differently that is their problem not yours.

    LOL Serously a person like you talking about douche bags? MOFO get in line.

  4. Better paycheck? You mean three men decided they didn't want to cater to your deluded fangirls and left? (P.S. For all your claims that you are "different" you aren't. Clearly you want to suck Yunho's dick for a living.)

    And they did get a better paycheck since with one lousy concert they managed to buy houses in upscale neighborhoods. Something few other SM artists can claim. If Yunho and Changmin decided to stay that is their business. SM has a history of artists leaving....because SM are another pile of shit.

    What I don't get is why you aren't angry that your precious oppa has to work like a dog for an income he could just as easily earn doing something else? The point is that he was part of a group that dominated Asia and had the biggest fanclub in the world. Where is his compensation? Popularity? Won't cut it once he starts becoming old.

    It doesn't strike you as strange that the biggest group in Korea still lived in a dormitory together? You really find that normal? You think it is normal that the two oldest {25} still don't have a stable girlfriend? And if they did they couldn't introduce her in fear of jealous fans' backlash? You think these are conditions anyone wants to stay in?

    And if the courts of Korea agreed that SM's contract was abusive (and anulled it) I can assure you they have very little incentive to lie about their reasons for it. They aren't hormonal losers like you. They are grown men and women of the law that see SM Entertainment for what it is; An exploitive company.

    JYJ aren't like you. They don't hang of Yunho's words for a living. They have brains of their own and if they decided to leave good for them. If you seem to believe this new TVXQ is great then why are you so hung up on JYJ? Seriously bitch you suck the worst.


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