Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5Dolls' Like This or That MV

The good: The team behind Secret's Magic, Madonna, and Shy Boy made the song.

The bad: Just about everything else.

I came into this with high expectations and a minute in, and I was disappointed. Why? It would sound a lot better if Secret had this song. Chanmi can sing, yes, but her four backup dancers can't. Then there was a rap segment near the end...good God, that's why everyone hates idol rappers in the first place.

Dear entertainment companies:

If you have members that cannot sing to save their lives, why turn them into rappers? You get the same damn result. They can't rap either. So why bother? Just give them their one short line and save the listeners from listening to bad rapping.

Hyewon is pedobait as usual, but half the time her face freaks me the fuck out, so Hyewon's fans can at least have some eyecandy. This is Soomi's first time since joining Co-Ed/5dolls where the makeup artists and stylists didn't fuck her over. Chanmi...cover up her face because her body isn't half bad. Hyoyoung...meh. Eungyo....mini-Shindong.

So, this song sounds alright, but wait until the lives and we will all be shaking our heads.


  1. Hmmm... No wonder I thought the song was complete shit. Who ever the producer(s) are, they should be shot. They have never produced a good song, and yet people keep giving them work. Or go into making show tunes for gay musicals, as that's what all their songs sound like. Are they gay? Maybe they're from San Fransisco? This would explain it all to me.

  2. normally i i'm the face type but chanmi is dangggggg..;//

  3. ''So, this song sounds alright''

    Are you high?

  4. Yeah, I'm high on your mother's vaginal juices. Tell her to stop using cocaine lol.

    But in all seriousness, it's okay, but would sound much better if a group like Secret had this song. I'll watch the live performances and lol, because 5dolls is one of the worst groups live.

  5. ^
    Nah I bet it was from swallowing Kwanghee's cum all those chemicals injected during his multiple surgeries ended up in your mouth :P

    Tbqh, this song is so utterly shit the producers should simply dig a hole and die in it. You can put Davichi for all I care in this song and it would still suck gigantic hairy balls. Meh I doubt their lives are as bad as Chi-Chi's lol.

  6. "It would sound a lot better if Secret had this song. Chanmi can sing, yes, but her four backup dancers can't."

    Yes, it would sound better if Secret had this song since they have Jieun. Saying Chanmi's backup dancers can't sing is like saying Jieun's backup dancers/singers can't sing. Coz Soomi's overall singing is better than Hyosung's or Sunhwa's anyday. Eunkyo maybe is on par with Sunhwa. Leave out the rappers coz they're just ####. At least I'd rather look at Hyewon and Hyoyoung than at Zinger.

  7. No need to waste discussion for this song or mv at all, except one amazing question : why the fuck do they still exist?

  8. ^^I got three reasons especially for you:
    1. If they don't exist anymore then, only a few groups will have to exist.
    2. CJ funds CCM well. Even if CCM creates shits, it won't make any difference.
    3. They still have delusional fans like me to support them.

  9. The fuck is all this discussion over 5dolls? It's obvious the song would be shit, I mean come on...its 5dolls. The only way they can make a decent song is if T-ara is featured in it.

  10. ^^This discussion won't stop until delusional fans like me cease to exist.
    ROFL, can't take this anymore. I'm not even a fan of 5Dolls/Co-Ed. I gave them the chance since I'm a hardcore CCM fan but sadly this is the best they can do.

  11. I also gave Co-Ed/5dolls plenty of chances since I like Davichi, SeeYa, SG Wannabe, and T-ara. I tried and tried to get into Co-Ed, but they fucking suck.


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