Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another day, another fail girl group debut.


I guess Chi-Chi has a shoulder to cry on when both of them disband soon.


5 girls 1 guy. Old guy be pimpin.


  1. Surprisingly (or not really) enough, everybody names Chi Chi when talking about failed girl groups, which makes you think: are they really a failed girl group if you think about them every time you think about the topic? Haven't they (through horrible marketing tactics [group name] and lack of talent) actually invaded our minds, and stuck? If so (and if intended), bravo *claps*.

    Maybe Swincle (lolwtf) will look up to their sunbaes in admiration; for at least they were able to etch their names in the history of Kpop.

  2. I actually find the song fine (better than the other recent debuts (Blady Girls, Ocean Girls, some other ones)) for a debut song, though Swincle is a pretty weird name. The girl with orange hair is really cute too.

    And as for Chi-Chi, their debut song wasn't very good for showing talent, and their concept isn't really made for talent making either. Their name is also very questionable, since Chi-Chi basically means Boobs in several languages.

    Somewhat irrelevant but I can't wait for Leader's and La.G to finally debut on a music station, they are seriously making me wait -.-"

  3. lol @ David.
    They have certainly accomplished that title since they would go down in history for delivering a string of atrocious live performances and a craptastic debut song.

    Can't listen to this song with a straight face. I've seen worse though *cough Girl's Day Tilt my head cough*

    I'm hoping that they prove me wrong in the future but that's just my wishful thinking. With the surge of various new girl groups making a dent is becoming a lot more harder.

  4. every girl group debuted this yeah have a man in the group

  5. I donth think chi chi will disband

  6. @Anon1: If Ocean Girls was an actual group, I would stan that shit.

  7. @davidfresh

    Oh I thought they were an actual group, but I didn't bother to read the article =T.

  8. "Can't listen to this song with a straight face. I've seen worse though *cough Girl's Day Tilt my head cough*"

    Arghh, dont remind me.
    Its ruining my image of Girls Day. They shouldve came out with "Control" instead of "Tilt my Head"

    Swincle song sounds alright....but wtf does Swincle mean?? Swindling uncle???

  9. ^loled so hard at swindling uncle.

  10. Chest popping to a pop song in American Eagle dresses = fail.

    Bye bye Swincle.


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