Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Are you tired of talentless idol rappers?

Little girlies (excluding Manber) who think forcing masculine voices will make them "legit", who think talking quickly is the equivalent of rapping? Idols that don't know shit about writing real lyrics & multisyllabic rhymes? Are you tired of this bullshit? Well then, I recommend Rimi.

She is funny-as-hell, sarcastic, rhymes better than 90% of the rappers in khip-hop, and she possesses a voice capable of making any human ejaculate. However, there's no denying that she's butt-ugly. Even a bom-load (now an official measure) of plastic surgery would not be enough to fix her.

Which brings me to my main point. Safari Girl.

She's extremely funny, she can rap, she's crazy as fuck, she gives proper respect to khip-hop legends (her Youtube channel is "the482tv"); all legitimate reasons to call her the second coming of Rimi. What separates her from Rimi is one thing: She's fucking cute as hell.

Watch out for her, I have a feeling she's going to blow up.


  1. 실력없는 아이돌 랩퍼들이 최고거든! 맨버는 다 랩퍼중에 제일 좋아. 개코, 이센스따윈 실력없는 개새끼야.

    All kidding aside, no wonder you guys on Soompi have been talking a lot about her lately.



    Now i'll never look at any rapper the same again~~

  3. Can we have more people like this? Please??? Most idol rappers need to GTFO (hi, YG). She is cute but I still like Rimi a little better.

  4. what about e.via? HEHEHE

  5. need more of them!!

  6. Fuck Manber! Her rapping is bullshit, she can't sing for shit and she just fails overall! Why can't she just go off and be a girl for once?

  7. Yal kidding right? (cue Ashton)
    That girl sounded retarded as f*ck. She looks like such a wannabe, shouldn't she be learning how to play the violin, piano and making some Kimchi!
    Haha jk that was totally racist, but seriously she sounded lame as f*ck, honestly so far the only female korean rapper that i'd waste time and money on is e.via.

  8. You guys are kidding right?
    rimi's voice is irritating. I got introduced to her through features from underground artists and producers and i've never grown to like her.

    as for that safari girl, i was initially making a negative post about her but she's the girl that grows on you so i'm ending this post with a safari girl ode (sans the lyrics).

  9. damn! i never noticed the comment above mine had the ya'l kidding right? for an opening.
    my night is now ruined. <.<

  10. Rimi has a pretty sick rap! I wish the idol rappers were remotely close. Safari Girl is okay, but still better than the idol rappers.


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