Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why is it always that the company is the bad guy?

This is one thing I'll never ever ever ever ever get about Kpop fandom. The company is the one always blamed when disputes/lawsuits come up. The fans automatically jump to their idols' side and blame the company 100% for the problem.

"It takes two to tango...or something like that." - Billy Madison

Then the fangirls make all of their arguments, and I'm like:

"What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

The fangirls don't think for themselves. They just repeat what is said by their idols or fellow fangirls. Do fangirls seriously believe that their idols had no part in creating the problem?

The only lawsuit I sided with the idol is Hangeng. He's Chinese and couldn't read Korean when he signed the contract. Is he at fault for signing the contract? Yes. Could SM have left parts out while explaining the contract? Yes.

But for other disputes, I never took a side because everyone tells half truths in their statements to the public.

Fangirls need to look at the whole picture before they blindly blame the company. Are the people working at the company money hungry fuckers? Of course. People go into business to make money, not to break even. Are the filers of the lawsuit money hungry fuckers? No. Yes. They're also greedy for money, or else they wouldn't have filed the lawsuit.

"Oh, Kpop stars don't make any money."

Bullshit. You can't compare them to pop stars in the U.S. Kpop stars might not make 10 million dollars or some shit, but that doesn't mean they're poor. Well, they'd probably make more money if they held concerts instead of performing on TV for free, but that's an article for something else.

Basically, fangirls, think with your damn heads. Don't be a drone and repeat what everyone else is saying and blame the companies. They companies only have 50% of the blame.


  1. Agreed. Even the smallest of disputes are blamed on the company.

  2. It also doesn't help that the international fandom listens to biased Korean fans and then takes thier words as a universial truth.Of course the k-fandom when giving info to internationals will filter,censor,and change around info to make thier biased a victim.

  3. I agree, mostly. besides, in the end no matter how much fangirls cry about it the court will be the one who makes the decision anyway. to give those crying fangirls some credit though, for the most publicized case JYJ vs SME, most of the previous court decisions have pretty much sided with JYJ (fining SM for interference, saying that JYJ is able to promote independently etc). idk. people in general should shut up and just wait for the official decision.

  4. I agree with the Hangeng part. He was treated like dirt and deserved victory. And if I am not mistaken JYJ didn't originally want to opt out of their contract with SM but just wanted to modify some parts but SM said no. So I don't get the fan girl insanity that has ensued. They never wanted "freedom" they just wanted a better income distribution.

  5. I'm more thinking about Jay n JYP. If is it true that JYP cock blocked him, then how he still can endorse few CF, released album and what not.

    But then I forget that he is Jaysus that fans will defend him no matter what. And please don't try hard to be like Tae Yang #2

  6. lol even though Jay never said anything bad about JYP or 2pm, he basically had to grovel to JYP with multiple written apologies before he was let back on variety and music programs. Jay's just lucky that Sidus HQ picked him up, who is a bigger company (more for actors than singers) and their CEO hates JYP.

    Jay is only relevant through his obsessive fans but at least he's not as terrible 2pm. Im willing to support my enemy's enemy.

  7. @gangstarosie - you say that like Taeyang#1 isn't Usher#647....

  8. Hangeng is a douche and a greedy bastard. Non contributing zeros like him shouldn't whine about nonexistent issues. Thank god that chink went back to china.

    SM fucking made you faggots from nothing. Absolute nothing.

  9. The thing I respect Hengeng for is not being whiny and at least he isn't trying to destory SUJU's careers like JYJ is doing with TVXQ/DBSK/Homin.Thoses three jerks don't care who they stomp on to get to/stay on top."Brotherhood" and"bonds" be damned.At least Hengeng does't always have to do some attention grabbing when SUJU is promoting and at least he doesn't string delusional fans who make themselves looks like psychotic dumbasses with a fake cause.I can't wait for the day that JYJ turn aganist each other and then the fans will too it's only a matter of ime.I wonder if those three will one day thank Lee Soo Man like some of the Shinhwa members did many years after they left SM.If Sm was so bad many artist would leave,but thier not and it's not because thier "cowards","too scared",or "waiting for JYJ to pave a new way to save them".Sorry for ranting those hypocrites piss me off.

  10. Good post OP.

    Love reality checks

  11. who the hell bothers to read some random fangirl's response to anything logical or rational? you'd be digging through the exact same thing over and over again

  12. I am a Karaholic but i know that kara is half to blame as well as the company.
    Their parents were like "Youse arent getting enough money" Then Kara is like "We arent getting enough money, also who is this bitch that replaced the head of the company?" then the companies like "DONT PULL AN SM ON US"

  13. Both the company and the idol groups are to blame. Take for example f(x). They COULD have said no to Amber being excessively marketed as a lesbian even though she's not. But, they DID NOT REFUSE!

  14. @5:49
    Shows what you know. Hangeng definitely whined. Then he backed out of some stuff he claimed and said he wouldn't mind joining SuJu again. LOL/

    JYJ wanted better income distribution.
    Didn't happen so they broke away. Better than going back with their tails between their legs. Also destroy Homin how? You are ridiculous. Are you sure you aren't another dick-sucking Homin fangirl?

    Homin are doing just fine....for now. Junsu's and SuJu/BoA's ridiculous twitter fight didn't do anything to anyone and the other two didn't say anything beyond wishing Homin luck under TVXQ even though they were "upset" things ended the way they did. Now they do their own stuff (under major blocking) and they don't care to mention Homin either.

    Only time they mentioned TVXQ was because of some Chinese guy releasing his own version of a song that Jae composed. Apparently Jaejoong feels that song is most approriate for five voices. Sentimental crap? Definitely. Doesn't mean they are going back. So quit talking bullshit.

  15. @2:33

    They auditioned. They payed for their own training, some for years before they were picked to be part of a group. SM didn't give them anything. SM didn't say, Oh look at this Hangeng, let us pick him up and train him out of the goodness of our hearts.

    No. In fact Yunho and Leeuteuk have mentioned that all 18 of them shared a small dorm. They even slept in the same room at one point. Don't fucking exaggerate OK. It is a company that trains kids from a young age to be jail-bait and then keeps the majority of the revenue for itself.

    You would argue that it is bullshit. It isn't since that is how the idol system works. After a certain age you become irrevelant or "too old" to appeal to the hormonal fan girls/boys.

    Many are even ignored or underrated in their groups. Imagine leftover money divided by 5. Then imagine 9 or 13. It is a system full of shit and if you took the time to actually inform yourself instead of talking out of your ass you would know better by now.

    Many of them sign contracts BEFORE they turn 18 and the most they will have as "representatives" are their even more clueless parents. It is a system of cowards because inevitably all who break away lose. That is why Homin did not join. Moral character my right nut. They are just accustomed to bowing to authority.

    The attorney that represented JYJ in the case (in which they annulled their contract) stated that 4 members were going to show up and only 3 ended up going- JYJ.


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