Friday, May 27, 2011

The Death of Korean Music

According to SBS, 12 new girlgroups will be making their debut in the second half of 2011. Twelve? At this rate, you won't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a fucking idol.

A Glimpse into the Future by David Fresh

David: Hey Joon, how's Korea? Do you have a lot of friends?
Joon: Sure! Half my classmates are idols.
David: Holy shit! That's fucking awesome!
Joon: Eh, not really. None of them are as popular as Dal Shabet, yet.
David: Dal Shabet is my favorite <333
Joon: lol.
David: So.... How are your parents?
Joon: My mom's actually in an idol group!
David: Oh shit! What's the group called?
Joon: 87A.
David: .... the fuck?
Joon: Yeah, '87' was already taken :l

Bye bye, good Korean music.


  1. I said goodbye to good korean music fuckin 7 years ago..

  2. I'm don't really care most likely only 4 will actually make it.
    The other groups will just flop.

    And what happen to just being a doctor or lawyer etc...
    I mean damn do kids dream about being an idol when they grow up.

  3. It doesn't look to get any better within the next few years. Korea will continue to ship its best idol groups over to Japan and possible China and dozens of new idol groups will debut.

    I made a rule for myself to not pay attention to any new idol group until next year. I'm hoping there's less fucking girl groups in the market. This shit's gonna blow harder than the housing market did in 2008 lol.

    Lastly...I need good Korean music...Japan isn't making much these days. >.>

  4. girl's day is doing good - prior1ty

  5. Im pretty sure any hobo off the street has a good chance in getting recruited for an idol group these days

  6. I'm confused about why so many new groups are debuting now. Korean CD sales are low, even big groups barely make profit.

  7. i love this site..


  9. i thnk u guys r just fucking jealous!!!~

  10. Well, you see David, Korean Music transpired from Idol groups back in the early days. It seems that Korean music has gained an "overpopularity" to the extent that every fucking entertainment company thinks that if you have a fucking bunch of fapworthy and noteworthy girls then you just might have a good chance of forming them in groups (or 2 or more girl groups) and dress them as hot as Rania and train them well in dancing and singing. With this kind of method, they think that they will make a lot of money. Well, for me I do think that most of these "successful" girl groups are actually fapworthy, however with the massive inflation and influx of girl groups, I think that the market share will be very divided in Korea, as well as the profits for each entertainment company. However, still only the best groups out there will survive. Therefore, let us not fear the death of Korean Music cos it ain't really coming. Let us just wait and see who will survive this fucking market competition happening right now in the music industry of South Korea. I mean, lets say i like all the fucking new girl groups, that doesn't mean that i will also buy an album of each group. I will first examine which album is better (lyric-wise and music-wise). So in short not all companies will profit from majority of the buyers. Not all of them will succeed. Not all of them will survive. --just my 2 cents

  11. Well there are also a few exceptions like "Baby Vox Re.V". They are so fucking hell as talented and as amazing in looks, style, choreo, music, etc. But they were mismanaged or they just split their own ways. They were certainly good especially Ahn Jin Kyung.


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