Thursday, May 26, 2011

A mediocre teaser from Secret

Although I love Secret, this teaser can only be described as mediocre. The song is pungently sweet (luckily, it's not their title track). Their clothes are fucking ugly and give off a hillbilly vibe. Sunhwa looks retarded here, although to be fair, Zinger always looks retarded. And Hyosung is cute, sure, but unfortunately her hair stylist was caught jacking off to Hyosung (in person! lucky bastard), so a temporary stylist (blind; female) was hired, to Hyosung's dismay. Ji Eun looks the best here, and actually manages to actually look cute in overalls.

And for you pedophiles: The teaser almost certainly implies that an average ahjussi (30+) is able to get 3 girls in bed with him (+1 male as part of the package deal), which should certainly spark your imagination.


  1. I thought you'd like it since you're an ahjusshi yourself bb.

  2. I'm such a huge Secret stan that I liked it. Well, this is the same person that put up with SNSD's Oh and T-ara's Yayaya, so maybe I have a tolerance for crap from groups I like.



  4. Ji Eun has always been the best looking. She was still freaking hot with blue hair for fuck's sake.


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