Friday, May 13, 2011

A-Peace:The 21 member boy-band

Why am I always doing gay boybands?

A-Peace is set to debut under Golden Goose Entertainment (with that kind of name, they're sure to leave a legacy). Apparently they will be promoting as 3 separate groups of seven. Which totally makes complete sense, but, why the fuck are they considered a single group? Striving to be Japanese, I see. Anyways. The boys will be debuting on Japan's K-Theater (with its 200 seats), which is essentially Japan's way of making some moola off Kpop. That's fine; business is business. But I doubt they're going to make much money starring some Japanese wannabe Kpop group.

Summary: Just another boy band, granted, about 5x larger than your favorite group.
Unless you like Super Junior of course.


  1. I'd only buy their album to wipe my ass with it.

  2. A-Peace, A-Pink, A-fuck is given by...?

  3. Didn't I make fun of these guys months ago?

  4. I think so. I saw someone say that they finally released the MV a month after the song came out.

  5. Oh, I'm talking about when they were first announced as a group. Maybe that was a different super large group I'm thinking about.

  6. More like A-Gay!


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