Monday, January 2, 2012

T-ara Cry Cry + Lovey Dovey MV Reviews Part 1

Yeah, I planned to write this about five weeks ago or so when Lovey Dovey was originally supposed to come out. Fuck you CCM. Now I'm watching Cry Cry again because it's been a while.

Okay, here's how I plan on doing this review. I'm going to outline the major parts of the MV and comment on them. This is to save people time if they don't feel like spending 35 minutes to watch two MVs but are curious as to what goes on. For those of you not watching the MVs, I don't blame. My favorite members either have small roles or they aren't even in the MVs.

So the MV starts out with some action and eventually Cha Seung Won shoots Jiyeon's father. Cha Seung Won sees the little girl and decides to take her along. Too compassionate for a murderer if you ask me. The movie ballad version of Cry Cry starts playing here, then abruptly stops after a minute, just for the fucking pop version to start playing.

Fast forward ten years and now Jiyeon is in her "I chew some fucking bubblegum with my mouth open so that makes me fucking badass" attitude. Cha Seung Won takes her to play some fucking poker. Then they go out and stare at the sea while Cha Seung Won talks to some other people, then they go to the subway, where Hyomin finally gets to do something.

Jiyeon starts filming Hyomin, hoping Hyomin starts stripping so that she can upload it to the internet and people will stop talking about her stripping scandal. Anyway, Jiyeon and Seung Won follow Hyomin, Hyomin steals shit from someone, and then Hyomin goes to an old fat fuck and gets money from him. The old fat fuck starts hitting Hyomin and Seung Won and Jiyeon show up to save the day.

So Seung Won and Jiyeon take the old fat fuck with them and they found out he's not the one who killed Jiyeon's father. (The basic story is that they're looking for the guy who killed Jiyeon's father, so Seung Won is basically leading Jiyeon on a wild goose chase.) The next target is Ji Chang Wook (Warrior Baek Dong Soo, that vegetable shop drama that is currently airing.)

Seung Won had a dream where Jiyeon found out he was the killer, woke up and Jiyeon comes into his room asking him to find the real killer. "Yeah, I'm right here bitch, whatchu gon' do 'bout it?" After that, Jiyeon goes to a clothing store and for Chang Wook. She follows him, finds him and they start fighting. Chang Wook bitch slaps Jiyeon so hard she fell to the ground. He saw the flyer that Jiyeon had and later told her that Seung Won is the real killer.

Seung Won answers his phone and goes to look for Jiyeon. Jiyeon comes out with a gun pointing at Seung Won and some of Chang Wook's henchman surround Seung Won from behind. Seung Won and Jiyeon exchange words and Chang Wook comes out. One of the henchmen hits Seung Won from behind and he falls to the ground. Chang Wook tells Jiyeon to fire, but she doesn't, so as he grabs his gun, Jiyeon shoots Chang Wook. One of the henchmen hits Jiyeon with a pipe, Seung Won gets up and starts beating the shit out of the henchmen, and Chang Wook shoots Seung Won. The henchmen take Jiyeon away and Seung Won just lies there reminiscing.

Well holy fuck, that MV was long and so was this fucking post. I actually haven't watched Lovey Dovey yet, so we'll so how that MV goes later tonight or tomorrow, whenever I write that review. Overall, the MV was long as hell, but at least most of it didn't feel like filler. I felt like the part with Hyomin was thrown in for the sake of having Hyomin in the music video. The only other gripe I had with the MV is that they kept playing the same one segment of the movie ballad version of Cry Cry and only had the pop version played once in the MV.


  1. Mmmmm WANK WANK first post!

  2. yawn is way to long i aint gonna read this whole shit

  3. Should have skipped one and went straight to 2... MANJUNG! UNF!

  4. The reason why Cha Seung Won's character was compassionate in the beginning is cause he was a cop, not a murderer. Her dad was a mob boss. He obviously resigned after the incident, but kept in touch with that one other cop. When he hands over the first criminal to the cop, they have a short conversation, and his friend cop tells him to come back to his position instead of living as a bounty hunter.

  5. Thanks for the review. I watched till Hyomin and her MJ nose but wow Jiyeon is such a good actress so yeah...

  6. Cyclops was awesome in this but the story line was poor and predictable. I laughed at Hyomin being slapped with a wallet

  7. @chiara

    'wow jiyeon is such a good actress'

    Upvoted for sarcasm, downvoted for dumbass fangirl fap sentiment.

  8. So... T-ara only consists of


    with Soyeon singing the epic soundtrack to their epic shitty lives and Hyomin as a fucking red herring.


  9. Unf manri oppar so daebak I TATTOOED UR FACE ON MY PENISU unf

  10. Anon 6:16 Thanks for the clarification. The MV did a pretty bad job of having the story make sense. I thought it was just some turf war shit.

  11. part 1 was alright, plausible given the Korean society's aversion of raising orphans. wait until you watch part 2 where all hell breaks loose and all visage of logic gone. They really screwed this one up.

  12. ^at least part 2 had Eunjung, she's T-aras saving grace UNF!

  13. Agree with 5:02. She can act, sing and dance, unlike certain others who have "made the jump" *coughDaraUEEcough*. Thought this was a stupid idea - they just play snippets of the same song over and over again. They should do something like Kanye West and make a concept album. This was bordering on ridiculous.


  15. Shin-B, you're a fucking disgrace.


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