Friday, January 6, 2012

Question of the Week 25

Happy New Year, everyone!

Welcome back to another year of Anti Kpop-Fangirling!

2012's first Question of the Week is:
If you could rename any idol/group, who would they be, what would you change it to, and why?

I think I am going to hear a lot of "4Minute to PhoMinuteSluts!" from SuckMyDee.

I don't know. I think I would change the name of any group with a stupid English name to something that makes sense. Or change the "Epik" in "Epik High" to "Epic" because my OCD tells me to spell properly.

And to celebrate another full year of hating on silliness/ridiculousness, this will be a double question post!
Why did you choose your username?

Gee, I wonder why Anti Kpop-Fangirl called himself that.

To be honest, if I could, I would change my username as an author. My current username was a spur of the moment thing. Shin-B is an anglicized version of 신비, which means mystery. The more you know. I could not use one of my usual usernames for fear of my family finding this double life of mine.

If anyone has suggestions for later Question of the Weeks, please send them to, or leave them in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. I'd change Crispi Crunch into something that sounds like a proper rap group name rather than a cereal brand.

  2. Your family would kill you for listening to K-pop? Or anti K-pop fangirls? What does your mum run the ELF fanclub or something?!

  3. MBLAQ, B1A4, BAP... because these acronyms are stupids.

  4. u-kiss to u-suck cuz most of their featured song sucks

  5. Just btw Crispi Crunch totally a chocolate bar name. They just substituted the y for an i. Still a crappy name though.
    Most of the acronym names could be changed like MBLAQ (Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality) could be a lot simpler if you changed it to Absolute or Boys Live. Something along those lines you don't need a descriptive phrase to make a group name.
    As for the username...don't know...I like the word.

  6. most of the bands have stupid names. most of all the recent ones. with all the numbers how am i supposed to know how to pronounce that?
    but even worse are the acronyms. they are all so completely random. and have always been. highfive of teenagers? boys of the east standing tall? music boys live in absolute quality?? What the eff.
    i really dont get the agencys' passion for stupid sounding engrish names.

  7. I was always disappointed by the lack of creativity in some hip hop group names i.e. Supreme Team, Dynamic Duo, Epik High, Untouchable

    How hard is it to pick a name that's not some overused English phrase?

    Yea, my username is just my first initial and last name without the 'er' so I guess that's not too creative either, but at least it's unique to me.

  8. I stan INFINITE and Miss A and while I'm convinced INFINITE has one of the best idol names out there, Miss A should be changed to Miss Aint which is short for "Miss Aint a Female" because although I love them, I'm legit convinced Jia is half man. at least, maybe more tbh.

    Also Sistar and AA Sistar sounds like Sister spelled wrong so I'd just change it to "see star" since that's how they pronounce it and their company's name is starship. AA is fail (like them) so I'll change their name to battery because I'm convinced that's where they got the name from in the first place.

  9. SHINee -> Shiny
    that would reduce some of the gayness

  10. 4minute will now be called 4minuteslut

    Secret will now be called bootylicious

    2ne1 will not be know as EH EH EH EH

    snsd will now be know as Girl's Penetration

    Kara will be know as K-ara

    T-ara will be know as Jiyeon

    C-Real will be known as Captain Krunch

    Rainbow will be known as Rainblow

    BEG will be known as OW (aka Old women)

    Miss A will be known as Miss Ass aka Suzy is a fat whore

    Wonder Girls will be known as Failed USA

    GP Basic=Pedo Fantasy

  11. just keep the same names and laugh my ass off those names. Srsly, no joke

  12. i'd change the ones like U-Kiss and Boyfriend because even though i barely listen to boy groups, the one time i do is going to be the time my cool friend walks in and judges me for listening to a group with an embarrasing name like that

  13. Brown Eyed Girls -> Brown Eyed Goddesses

  14. I want to smell Jiyeon's panties.

  15. change boyfriend & myname .
    myname . . . what were they thinking ?

  16. I'd stick an O in F.CUZ because it's waaaay too far a stretch to expect anyone pronounce it any other way than "eff-cuzz"
    Non-pronounceable acronyms like B1A4 and SS501 are kind of annoying too, even moreso than BEAST and MBLAQ which kind of spell something at least.

  17. I thought it was Batoost...whatever the fuck that is

  18. EXO to xoxo

    Hugs and kisses since they are gay and overrated out the gates.

  19. sulli_fag is awesome. lmao.

  20. @6:04 pm Batoost LMFAO!!

    I would definitely change Boyfriend to anything but.
    Super Junior to Senior Citizen
    UKISS to...idk.

    But I think MBLAQ is okay because you could at least pronounce it as a word. haha

    my username isn't exactly a username because I'm not registered.
    I chose it because I can chop other people's head off for being a fag. lol jk.

  21. We are anonymous

    We are legion


  22. sulli_fag basically just summarized everything for us. yep.

  23. i love you sulli_fag


  25. 2NE1 = Plastic Autotune Sluts


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