Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MBLAQ’s It’s War review (aka the reason why I hate MVs with storylines)

Didn't want to do this then I realized I've been MIA like an irresponsible lazy ass so I said fuck it and started watching.

Kay so first we see Joon intensely pointing a gun at this girl (I’m sorry but I’m not gonna waste my time finding out what her name is) and Thunder. It clearly shows that the girl is trying to protect Thunder but what she didn’t realize is how much of a dumbass she is because no matter how much she moves around waving her arms to cover him, he’s still taller than her.

Thunder should’ve done her a solid and knock her out with his elbow.

Of course the bitch didn’t think that Joon, who has the ability of curving bullets, (which is an obvious rip off of the movie, ‘Wanted’) couldn’t possibly be able to shoot him even if he’s basically towering over her like the easiest target ever. Hell, even I’d be able to shoot him and I’ll shoot the bitch too so her un-asian brain doesn’t get passed down.

The scene then cuts to a flashback as we see Joon holding a sniper, on the roof, in the middle of broad daylight, attempting to shoot the girl.

Imma kill this bitch like a bos- oh wait that’s another sniper *readjusts big ass gun* there we go!

Just when I was waiting for him to shoot, he sees another guy attempting to assassinate her (probably because she’s cancer for their society) and how the fuck he saw him was beyond me because either he wasn’t paying attention to his target or his gun has a magical power of detecting when other people are trying to kill their targets.

He changes his mind and saves the girl’s life by running away but in the process of it, she gets shot (and of course not a single citizen was seen). He hides her before coming out to face the bad guy and at this point of the mv, my friends, is where I went Jackie Chan meme on it.

Let me give you a brief explanation of what happened: Joon walks towards bad guy with gun, bad guy walks towards him unarmed, instead of just stopping for a moment and do what would seem to be a good idea and just shoot him, he decides to punch bad guy and proceed to struggle with him then shoot him. Because killing someone before fighting them is too mainstream.

So after that ridiculous scene, Joon takes her somewhere safe and this is where I’m just gonna not talk about because it’s too long. It’s basically just both guys falling in love with girl and girl gets together with Thunder. Joon gets upset and grabs girl to take her somewhere, Thunder protests and gets punched by Joon and then we arrive at the scene of which we see at the start of the MV.

Joon finally pulls the trigger and shoots but he uses his amazing talent to kill himself (which is a pretty cool way of committing suicide if you ask me). At the end we see Joon pulling out what seems to be a plane ticket.

I would say this would’ve been a potentially good MV if not for the plotholes. The song was good, it kinda reminds me of SS501 Love Ya, especially at the teaser. The lyrics suggest that it’s about a guy in love with a girl only to have his friend steal her away and so he declares it’s war between him and said guy. I feel like the MV contradicts with the lyrics since Joon decides to kill himself and let his friend win instead of the stated lyrics. MBLAQ has pretty good choreography and dance for most of their songs so I see no problem in that department.

I give the song a 6/10. Both tune and lyrics are acceptable in my opinion. 2/10 for the MV just cause I fucking hate the storyline, the 2 is for the dancing and the cool scene of where Joon breaks down when he gets shot.

Now it’s time for me to go back and bless my ears with Rammstein. Hope you enjoyed yourselves.


  1. Yes to this.

    I dont get the point in spending a bazillion on a super elaborate storyline mv and then do not even bother to fix plotholes.
    I mean even I could have fixed them in 5 minutes.

    and nice that you listen to rammstein.

  2. I don't like you very much, Hippo. I don't know why. I just don't. Sorry.

  3. Rammstein is junk, just like you and this article.

  4. @anon5:50 lol for some reason I find your comment really cute, its okay if you don't like me, people are entitled to their own opinions so you don't have to be sorry ^_^

  5. Kids these days actually got them some manners. I'm impressed.

  6. I think the only reason i like this song is because it is one of the VERY few examples where the rap sections are almost seamlessly incorporated into the actual song.
    Also plot line MVs break up the song usually so that annoys me to no end.

  7. are they trying to follow Tara or something with story MVs. Plotholes just sucks, you can only cram so much story into 5 minutes. Which is why CCM goes for 20 minutes!!!

  8. Can someone explain what the fuck he pulls out of his shirt at the very end? Plane ticket? Cheque? Will?


  10. hopefully all them faggots will die while filming the next mv

  11. I was kind of bothered by the MV too, I was left with some questions that couldn't be answered. But I really like the song and dance in the MV. (Teaser reminds me of SS501 too)

  12. @611 STFU Rammstein rules your fucking ass

  13. http://i.minus.com/iIWc7enDnj0nw.gif

    Suzy is such a whore omg

  14. Come on man. This is even worse than that aurelie crap.

    Aurelie > hippo > sekhmet

  15. I actually don't mind the song, but I hate how MBLAQ tries to have all these "complex" storylines [like in Y] and it ends up seeming like a ten year old boy wrote it.

  16. Only T-ara does complex well enough...and so does Eunjung ;)

  17. you know whats ridiculous? their outfits

  18. lmao~ killing yourself just cuz you got dumped...XD

  19. These music videos lately are really disappointing. Why couldn't they just show clips of the Korean War for this song (I MEAN IT'S CALLED "IT'S WAR" HADURRR)? It's much better than making up stupid scenarios to showcase OHMAGAH CURVE BULLET moments.

    One moment you see Lightning being standoffish to the girl's approach knowing it is wrong, and then we as viewers are supposed to believe that in a matter of seconds he succumbs to his veiny, bonerific attractions?

    Look, there's one problem with implementing stories into music videos. People nowadays have a hard enough time building character attachment and believability into a full length movie. When you got Koreans trying to fit character development into a 3-4 minute song, it's bound to fail.

    On another note, Love Dovey's 20 minute straight to DVD movie was a fail. Don't even get me started on this plotline. Oh and they failed at their zombie MV, too. Michael Jackson influence is just too fucking obvious. Could they have copied the ideas any more than they did? At least Thriller was a fucking classic and matched the concept.

    And why did Hyewon get taken down by zombies. I thought she was already a zombie. Look at her face. If you want to read more check out www.dontgetmestarted.com/gofuckyourself.

    1. it's not 'Lightning' stupid, it's THUNDER

  20. the song + MV was pure SHIT

    I hope Simon & Martina review so this crap so I can find even more amusement!!

  21. Don't hate. There's a first time for everything.

  22. I didn't mind the plot holes (who really cares anyway), or the strange cloths... the dance was tight and the song itself is decent... BUT I REALLY HATE the fact that they have to rip from a fucking Comic book/Hollywood movie this idea of assassins fucking bend bullets. Be just a little more original please. It's not like WANTED is Citizen Kane and deserves a tribute.

  23. Ungrateful ho gets saved by Joon and falls for Thunder.

    Also, they just don't make guns like that anymore.

    Joon should have just shot the girl. She was supposed to be assassinated anyways.

    Te hee, I just said "ass" twice.


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