Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have a feeling that.....

....Shawols are turned on by this.

How I imagine most Shawols to talk like in my head T.B.Q.H

Are you still staring at his pic?

Oh whoop, went to the Taemin tag and found this, NICE MS PAINT JOB BB! U NEXT PICASSO BB! 

Since Shawols are the horniest fans in K-pop, I'm surprised they haven't done something #CREATIVE like this yet....

Wtf Shawols, step up yo game.


  1. The last picture, is that the front or the back....

    Fucking shawlols, they are bat shit insane.

    1. All the more reason why it'd be more epic to see tanks, steamrollers, bulldozers etc. crashing into a ShiNee concert.

    2. ^ this. but it would be quite weird if the boobs are on the back

  2. shawols are too busy rubbing themselves raw to use their creativity for good. Instead they use it to write fanfics about jokwon fondling taemin's pea-sized nuts

  3. Sulli fans are hornier.
    Eunjung fans... maybe.

  4. Time to join the ROK Army's armored corps to dispense some indiscriminate justice.

  5. SHINEE fans write 60% of smut fanfuckions so...
    Noona Rides the Hallyu Wave is the worst one. Srsly, who the fuck would have sex with Key, Onew, and Heechul at the same time??

    Shawols and ELF.

  6. I don't even think Taemin has balls.

  7. I'd fap to taemin if i were a 50 years old bussiness man, i don't think key has a penis, minho is fucking overrated and jonghyun is a dwarf
    I only like Onew, but... Dubulge? Really?

  8. U guys just jealous ur oppas doesnt have bulge as big as dubulge rite?

  9. Can you imagine 'samchon fans' taking about A Pink or Chocolat the way Shawols do about SHINee?

  10. *shudder* this is why I hate associating with that fandom even though I'm not even a noona to any of the members.


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