Saturday, June 23, 2012

VIPs when will y'all stop? ;_;

Normally my twitter timeline is filled with EXO's diarrhoea as seen here that I often forget that I follow VIPs too. The same fucking VIPs who spammed my timeline voting for Big Bang during the EMAs. They voted like 10k a day I'm not even kidding, they were awake all night n shit with their red bull and nutella. #fuckdat

Anyhoo, one of my fave bitches on twitter linked this, was expecting some groce as fuck TOP x GD fanart (popular tactic used to troll people ;___; ).

They're perhaps aiming for Shawol-level of retardation but heeeeeeeeey look what it turned out to be : a VIP analysing Fantastic Baby's MV

(more after the kawaii jump)

No shit, they're infamous for writing essays that make dissertations look like basic level turd when it comes to interpreting Big Bang's MV in the comment section on YT. Like why else do y'all think allkpoop releases 10 articles about BB reaching 10m views or wtw.

The only shit that stood out to me was point no. 2.

In case you're a lazy fucking retard like 99% of our readers (loljk <3 u all) I'll type it up for you.

'' 2. Daesung in chains - reference to accident and how he was called a MURDERER so he could have gone to jail but after receiving forgiveness from the victim's family he is ready to break free from the chains of judgement''

I'm annoyed that they didn't interpret GD's mushroom hair as a symbolic representation of him moving on from smoking dat weed to smoking magic mushrooms! D:< #gdruggin4lyf

Just posting this cause this shit never gets old like JYP's plastic pants ^___^

trololololololol & enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I cant hold my feels... Ugh fuck that gtop.... So overatted and shallow
    Todae is real

    That daesung part kinda make sense
    Other part which i dont read and too lazy to read it is too irrelevant for me

  2. who the fuck is jeresmy scoto

    1. You mean Jeremy Scat? He's CL's Caucasian transexual lover.

  3. I think vips should get an award. ....
    Cuz they still support bigbang until no end
    After daesung ran over a guy with his car
    Gdruggin caught drugging
    Monster suck ass

    I applaud u vips

    1. Looool
      Once a group has a fanbase there IS no standard for said fans. Like SHINee's Sherlock for example, all the fangirls were saying how great that song is and kept spazzing about it. As a SHINee fan, I can honestly say Sherlock sucks monkey balls.
      But yeah, good for you VIPs. HWAITING!!!!11

    2. i love shawol. they are so talented in making fanfictions .
      . but why same sex pairing.. ew...

    3. sherlock is awesome tbh

  4. It's obvious the high-budget polished visuals were tacked on to cover up how bad the song is. And judging by the length of these essays, VIP's are effectively distracted.

  5. point no. 2... WOW! vips are blinded by love (well more of delusions)

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    LOLZ. Awzo, reminds me of my very own comment way back a year ago on Love Song MV (yep, das mein HRHR):

    tbqh, Love Song was the last time I took them seriously, and I was quite impressed with the technicality of the MV itself. good music but not as lyrically good as hipsterfags like Pink Floyd, but nonetheless above the rest in K-Fap at that time

    1. I actually thot it was bcuz they cant dance sinq


  8. VIPs are, well.. almost as hardcore as Shawols..? But honestly I had secondhand embarassment for whoever wrote that analysis shit because who the fuck spends time writing it on a piece of paper and sounding so serious about it?

    1. It's funny though because fans (from any fandom I suppose) tell "haters" to get a life all the time. lol


  10. Lol, I'm starting to become more of an elf than Cassie. VIPs suck.
    G is druggin
    Top is fuckin
    Daesung is a murder.

    1. bcareful. daesung might ran u over with his car.
      always keep the faith

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    3. listen to me you so called cassie turned elf!
      i dont care if think vips suck. coz they do!

      but i want you to read this pls..

      first of all,all the real and truly cassiopeia know DBSK well..

      they are not just a group..

      they are a bond of brothers...brothers that really2 care and love each other..

      have you ever seen how they stare into each other eyes?

      have you seen when they hugged?

      have you ever seen their messages to each other?

      have you seen their loves n cares for each other..

      those are real!..not fake..

      i never saw any other groups like DBSK..

      DBSK is bond of brothers..millions people said that including me..

      but, now, why the awesome fandom started to split?

      why fans have a heart to blame JYJ or HoMin?

      why are you siding with either JYJ or Homin?

      don't you remember our DBSK? do you think that all their loves for each other are fake?

      all the moments are fake?

      if it's fake, all DBSK members deserve golden globe awards for their acting..

      but i know, it's not fake..

      it's real...

      we know how much Jae loves his soulfighter, much Yun loves his much Minnie loves Junsu, his bickering much Yoochun loves his little bro, much Yunho loves the dorky much Junsu loves been teased by Minnie....

      Soulfighters, Kiss couple, 2U couple, MinSu, Soulmates, HoSu, YunJae, YooSu, HoMin, JaeSu...

      just believe and keep ur faith..always n forever...

      now you are JYJ, HoMin but one day, all 5 of you will return as DBSK once again..

      i believe it and i'll wait for 5 of them forever..

      my/our old DBSK..with their genuine smiles..

      please comeback soon....

      once a Cassiopeia, forever a Cassiopeia..

      for now, i'll support both JYJ and HoMin because for me, their are my DBSK..

      even if HoMin are irrelevant and cant even beat GD&TOP . and even that useless bb maknae...

      Yongwoong Jaejoong, Uknow Yunho, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin

    4. ^ That's worthy of an article on its own

    5. Sooyoung Unnie, I was being sarcastic about turning into an elf, plz don't tell hoemin oppars :(
      No, seriously I was being sarcastic. But I can't tell if you were.

    6. well who knows .. and how do i know all these stuff?

    7. U kidding. ? I know its not fake.

      Its real xD

      Knock ur self out.

    8. I fapped loljk. Yep niqqa I'm drunk. Dem college parties are crazy. N E ways, I'm almost positive gheijae isn't real. Yunho on the other hand...Why u link me to an aff profile? Oh well...AFF has better fanfic writers than Justin Bieber Disney. That doesnt mean they're good.

    9. OMG U-Know oppar wae u betraying entire Cassies? :(
      Thank for dat Sooyoung unnie. I am lighted. I feel sorry for our brothers

    10. I am female, Sujunk Unnie.
      Btw akfg reminds me of a less troll like blog version Of

    11. Ah u bish :) you just trolled me!!! Hahaha Hoemin sucks :/

  11. I sort of thought Daesung's scenes in Fantastic Baby were about his accident and public persecution etc. The rest is the regular overwrought conspiracy theorist nonsense haha.

    Jeremy Scott is the Living WORST.

  12. Not to generalize male versus female writing. But I'd say a guy wrote that. Which for some reason make me more sad then if a 12 year old girl had done it.

    Either way, I'm sure there is some deep meaning behind the MV but we will never know because we aren't the authors or writer of the script. Which is also my issue with people trying to analyse MVs. Sometimes a bird flying in the sky is just a bird flying in the sky.

    1. No, a bird flying in the sky here is G-Dragon's long lost twin sister who is probably the leader of a prostitution ring in Thailand because she soars high above the streets of Bangkok like a watchful guardiang.

  13. Top's nipple is a beautiful, chocolate hue.

    1. ... Little one, what are you doing staring so closely at TOP's sexy body? You are too young to have such stirrings.