Monday, February 20, 2012

EXID Who's That Girl

I know Con already did an article about the lyrics, but I watched the MV and couldn't pass up on it.

Do you know what this song is like? It's like fucking Song Hye Kyo, then realizing halfway that you got fucking trolled and you're fucking Hyoyeon. It goes from a respectable song (especially from a rookie group) to a fucking piece of shit. Speaking of the song, who knew Shinsadong Tiger had it in him? I got used to that fat fuck composing the same song over and over and over.

Ugh, here we go. Fucking idol rapping. If I could compare Kpop and idol rapping to other things, it'd be Kenyan marathon runners and AIDS. Kpop is the Kenyan marathon runner, but they both are infected with a shitty disease (idol rapping and AIDS, respectively.) I liked the song until 1:28 when the blond dyke started rapping. God damn, I thought CL was fucking annoying, but if EXID actually lasts a few years, this blond rapper may end up dethroning her as the most annoying female idol rapper.

Dance break. No one gives two shits. She's the Hyoyeon of the group: can dance, but can't sing for shit. No once cares, moving on.

EXID was lucky they didn't hire Daesung or else they would have all died at 3:28.


  1. Why not make an article about block b's controversy. It's way more interesting than this bull.

  2. but they bought this song
    Shinsadong Tiger didn't even bother to write a song for his own girl group...

  3. I'd happily write you guys an article how how my ears bled pus after listening to Hara sing her solo song live.
    It was my own fault for pressing play, I can't even sue.

  4. need to talk about the block b thing. their fangirl all going "OPPA DIDN"T MEAN IT"

    1. hey i'm a bbc okay.
      of course what they did was wrong, they apologized but you know nobody would have known about it if nickhun didn't bring it up.
      it's like a jay park controversy all over again.

    2. shut the fuck up fangirl

    3. bitch i'm not going "oppa didn't mean it!"
      i'm just stating the facts.
      build a fucking bridge and get over it.

    4. second to that, STFU and GTFU stupid ass fan girl

  5. Uh, this is a blog, not a news site. I write what I want to write about. I don't even follow Block B nor have any desire to, so I don't even know what's going on with Block B, nor do I care to find out.

  6. "EXID was lucky they didn't hire Daesung or else they would have all died at 3:28. "
    Best part of the review LMAO. Good job

  7. They are copying my 2ne1 oppars!!!

  8. Where the fuck are those steps at 0.37?

    They were in SNSD's Into The New World MV, and they were in one of EXO's teasers too

  9. Ok it’s OBVIOUS that all those LE haters don’t now A THING about LE’s past as a rapper.

    LE or Elly , isn’t a rookie rapper that’s copying CL’s rap style.

    She has been an underground rapper since she was less than 18 years old ( now she’s 20) . She was part of one , if it’s not the best underground hiphop crew from Korea. She has been influenced by more than 30 amazing rappers in that group called Jiggy Fellaz.

    So please you all should get informed before saying that LE’s copying CL . Because you don’t know anything about LE’s past. And if they “look” similar blame the company not EXID or LE.

    I admire CL for all her work and success as a rapper, but I just can’t let people be so rude to Elly.

    That’s all. 2:38 .


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