Wednesday, November 20, 2013

IU and Lee Yeon Hee Name Drop Suzy

Suzy is so relevant that she doesn't even have to do anything to get in the media these days.

In the first article, Lee Yeon Hee talks about how Suzy now has her title as Nation's First Love.

1. [+1,214, -133] Since when was Lee Yeon Hee the nation's anything??
2. [+1,022, -128] She's not the nation's first love anymore because she never was it to begin with
3. [+42, -231] Lee Yeon Hee's pretty... but I always thought it was Suzy..?
4. [+60, -17] Since when???? Isn't she the nation's crappy actress?
5. [+57, -39] Suzy's pretty and it's not that I hate her or anything but the amount of media play about her nation's first love image is so frustrating. 
6. [+53, -42] So much media play surrounding Suzy's first love image so I thought her movie hit  10 million viewers but it only recorded 4 million... 
7. [+44, -36] The first love icon was always Lee Yeon Hee, Suzy just got it through media play...
8. [+42, -30] Suzy became the nation's first love through media play
9. [+37, -12] I'm sure Lee Yeon Hee's the nation's crappy actress..
10. [+28, -24] I remember her being called the nation's first love after her movie... I think A Millionaire's First Love? 
On a random act of thinking, Netizen #7 and #10 are old enough to remember when Lee Yeon Hee was the shit. In 2006, A Millionaire's First Love came out, and she was in 2008's East of Eden, which was a popular drama. But wait, the rest of the netizens show their ignorance. "Yo dawg, if I wasn't around when Lee Yeon Hee was the nation's first love, IT NEVER HAPPENED." You don't need to be as thorough as Dave Chappelle when he was on the stand for R. Kelly's trial.

But for Yeon Hee, she's glad and for good reason. Now she gets to join Kim Tae Hee and Be The Nation's First Troll: Prettier Than You, Nanana booboo, Stick Your Head in Doodoo. That's better than being The Nation's First Love and expected to act like a 15 year old innocent girl your whole life.

IU said Suzy lost weight and looks like Megan Fox.

What the fuck is IU smoking?

If you haven't already, read what IATFB oppar about it.

I'm going in a different direction with this. We can compare them now, and Suzy wins since Megan Fox is looking like some alien bitch. Let's compare how they might look in the future.


Megan Fox:

God damn, the future doesn't look bright for either. I project that neither one will be hot in 10 years. IU, what were you smoking?


  1. This just reassures my preconception that IU is mentally blank.

  2. I LOVE the incomprehensible Megan Fox comparison.

  3. "Megan Fox" is just a name people throw around that means "hot western chick". There was some poll done a while ago around the world about who was the world's "sexiest female" and the result that came in was Britney Spears, and that was right at the height of her head-shaving mental fallout stage. Most of the people voting probably didn't even know what she looked like apart from fapping to her earliest videos in the late 90s. IU probably has no idea what Megan Fox even looks like apart from hearing whoever she's dating this week talk about her ass in Transformers part 37 or whatever..

  4. Megan Fox already looks like the bottom picture.

  5. Megan Fox already looks like the bottom picture.

  6. Suzy's pretty cute but I never understood how she was suddenly EVERYTHING to Korea. What happened? Was it a drama?

    Still rather suzy than Yoona, I was so tired of them shoving that basic girl in my face at every opportunity.

    1. Good news, Yoona is complexly irrelevant now and most sones don't even realize she exits. The bad news, they shove Hyoyeon down everyone's' throat now instead.

  7. The lady in the 2nd pic is quite pretty imho.
    Prettier than Yoona.
    No, not kidding.

    1. I actually do think she is quite good looking, at least not ugly. NOT AS GOOD AS YOONAR UNNIR THO!!!

  8. Why'd you post a picture of bom for megan fox?

  9. I just died laughing about the future pictures of the two.


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