Thursday, November 10, 2016

Momoland - Jjan Koong Kwang

New girl group Momoland has debuted, and just for Nancy alone, I will be following this group.

But she's only 16, so Chris Hansen is watching everyone.

About the song, it was enjoyable enough to listen to a few times. The chorus is catchy enough, though it won't be anything that will get stuck in your head.

But yeah, Nancy is enough of a reason to follow this group.


  1. These girls want to be famous but they'll just end up to become zico's fucktoy, then after he dumped them and made their pussy loose, they'll just end up in an exec's bed. Such is the destiny of nugus.

  2. The girl at 0:58 looks exactly like that one girl from Oh My Girl in their Liar Liar music video. O:


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