Sunday, December 4, 2016

Round-Up Reviews: Ladies' Code, BAP, SHINee, Up10tion, Hyoyeon

Finals week start tomorrow and I don't have time to give each their own individual reviews since I'm preparing for finals. So I'm just going to wind up some thoughts on the releases in one post.

Ladies' Code - "The Rain"

Not as good as "Galaxy" but still pretty decent. What really shines here is the music video. To come to think of it, Ladies' Code are one of those groups that release consistently great music videos.

BAP - "Skydive"

Excellent song and video. Album is also pretty good. BAP had a good year and this is a great way to end it. Also Youngjae officially took over as my BAP bias.

SHINee - "Tell Me What To Do"

Believe it or not, "1of1" really grew on me. I feel the same thing happening to me with this one as well. My only complaint is that the verses are just a bit too bare and the chorus could be better but it's far from SHINee's worst.

Up10tion - "White Knight"

Pretty good like most of their releases. Still not as amazing as "Attention" though.

Hyoyeon - "Mystery"

Had this had a little bit more UMPH this could have easily made my top 10 of the year. This reminds me of a BoA b-side from possibly her Copy & Paste days which makes it A-okay with me as it is. The video is also great.

Seventeen - "BOOMBOOM"

Seventeen are enjoyable as always. Pledis keeps trying to make us forget "PrettyU" ever happened and it's kind of working.

So yeah those are the reviews. Any reviews that happen next will just be end of the year list (I'm doing a b-side favorite and regular favorites list like last year) however they won't come into later on in the month. I'll try to post semi-regularly until then, but for now it's finals week and packing for home for Winter break, so no real articles unless I get some time on my hands.


  1. Gotta remind myself to listen to Up10tion later.

  2. I didn't love White Night but I think it was solid. My rank of their title tracks is
    1. Attention
    2. Tonight
    3. Catch Me
    4. White Night
    5. So Dangerous
    Also, Ladies Code is great. I like The Rain just as much as I liked Galaxy, but I think the former is easier to listen to for some reason. Just faster paced and more upbeat, my style.

    1. Mine goes:

      1. Attention
      2. Catch Me
      3. So Dangerous
      4. White Night
      5. Tonight

      But I like all of their songs. I do like "The Rain" however I consider "Galaxy" just a stellar piece of work.

  3. Baiting me with Sana, you monster! You, you, you tentacle monster!

    1. She was too cute. I had to use that picture.

  4. The Rain is great. Prefer it over Galaxy, personally.

    And who allowed Hyoyeon to have a solo.

    1. It wasn't as terrible as it could have been. Don't give me "Born To Be Wild" flashbacks.

  5. Galaxy was the best. That song is so chill.


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