Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Real Scandal Surrounding Sunmi's "Heroine"

Sunmi's "Heroine" came out over a week ago and there have been a million articles about the so-called plagiarism from some song in the West. I wouldn't know, as I have never listened to the other song (and have no plans to), and I don't know shit about music, so I wouldn't know if it was plagiarized or not. However, that is not the real scandal that every news outlet has ignored.

The Korean title, "juingong," is technically a gender-neutral word that means "protagonist". It can be translated to "hero" in reference to a man and to "heroine" when referencing a woman. But this is 2018, so this bitch cannot be using a gender-neutral word to only refer to women. Does it refer to only biological women, or to people who also identify as women?

The word "juingong" is composed of three Chinese characters: 主人公.

主 can mean "lord," "chief", and "master".

人 typically refers to a "person".

公 means "public" and "official".

Nowhere is gender ASSUMED within the characters. The character that means female is 女 and the character that means male is 男, but the gender-neutral character that refers to humans in general, 人, is used.

Sunmi is a sexist bigot confirmed!


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