Sunday, October 13, 2013

Clara Can't Catch a Break

Much maligned semi-celebrity Clara has been dragged up and down the figurative mud by netizens, but it's fairly obvious now why. Dem bitches be jelly of Clara's pussy game.

Dem lips, dat jaw
The latest bit of Clara news that's got netizens in a tizzy is all because of that blurry as fuck picture of a blurry woman (allegedly Clara) getting her grind on with an blurry man (allegedly G-Dragon). Assuming the figures in the picture are Clara and GD, the only reason why people hate Clara is because oppa is grinding his ass on her AND HE LIKES IT. Clara is spitting more game than most other people in the biz and people are consumed with jealousy. Just look at the comments on the picture:
1. [+1,493, -115] Clara clearly doesn't know how Korean society works if she thinks she can grind against G-Dragon

2. [+1,410, -135] That's not even grinding, she's completely laying on him;;

4. [+167, -18] Really, what's wrong with Clara? She clearly knows that there are journalists there with Jaebum's party as well as non-celebrities, she should've been more careful with her actions but clearly she enjoys this negative attention on herself. 

5. [+161, -19] As expected of Clara, trying to win with her body

6. [+156, -8] GD has his back turned and it looks like Clara's the one grinding from the back... ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+154, -21] I know that people dance like that at clubs but she's going too far... especially considering that she's a celebrity with people walking

8. [+153, -7] Watch her go on some foreign show and lie about how a top Korean singer grinded with her at a club..
Yeah. You can hear the anguished cries of "OPPA WHY WON'T YOU NOTICE ME" echoing through cyberspace from here. Come on, man. Let the girl get her grind on at da crub, it's what all the cool Koreans are doing these days. The best part has to be how she's not grinding on anyone, but is in fact getting grinded on. There's a big difference people, and leave it to your typical netizen to try to spin evidence they're using to slutshame her the wrong way.

At least there's one voice of reason, I suppose:
3. [+1,359, -572] Well, how else do you expect people to dance at clubs? Is there a class difference between GD and Clara that I'm not aware of?
But still, it's not even just this one incident. People are just jealous that she's apparently got her life set because of random shit:
  • Clara's got a banging body:
  • She's got a decent face to go with the body (YMMV)
  • Her main claim to fame is that she almost got into SNSD
    • meaning she was sort-of best pals with da unnies
  • She gets attention for her bangin' body
  • She gets paid essentially just for having a bangin' body
Add (possibly) fucking GD on top of that list and you've got a recipe for mad jelly. Clearly she gives no fucks about what anyone thinks outside of your standard "Oops, sorry not really sorry" PR statement. Party on, Clara.


  1. pssh ,one minute she's fake crying over lying about something she said the next she's bubbly and hosting her own reality tv show "clara like a virgin" tell me that doesn't scream attention seeker.

  2. since clara can't ever shut her mouth, i not-so-secretly hope she fucked GD & can back up or dispute kiko's supposed claim that the dragon in jiyong oppa's pants is not all it's hyped up to be.
    however after that i would just like her to stop speaking forever & simply continue to show us her boobs.

  3. To be very bluntly honest, I don't even care what she does, like seriously she can whore out for attention anyhow she likes and I wouldn't give a crap, I'm not going to hate it or love it, I just won't give a shit. I mean especially all you fap bots here, she has got a good package and all.

    Plus she donates shit and does good things, yes?

    Also that photo is taken using a potato and is uploaded using a microwave, 'Clara' could've been a transgender from Thailand, but netizen sees what they want to see.

  4. tbh I really don't care that much about what Clara does XDD, she's either caught up in some kind of drama or showing her boobies/body

    she does seem attention-whorish though

  5. I always wonder how people can criticise celebrities for being attention whores.

    Do they not understand how celebrity works?

  6. Is she really that important ?

    Also, I can't make out anything on that picture.

  7. LBR who wouldnt want Clara grinding up on them.

  8. Replies
    1. Is it not low-key slutshaming? D:

    2. You assume that a slut with integrity can exist, and indeed they do, but Clara isn't a prostitute.

  9. fackin crappy phone cam, it looks like Clara is dancing on her own. is GD even in that pic???

    1. To her left in the black jacket with the mohawk looking hairstyle. Honestly I thought GD was the guy with a cell phone to Clara's right at first

    2. Honestly it might just be two nobodies, the pic's quality is so bad that it's difficult to recognize anyone

  10. How do you niggas feel about our new OTP now that Suzy/Yura can never be

  11. Sorry anybody who keeps going on about attention whores and lying sound like whiny bitches. When was Clara ever important enough to even care. She is hot and that's all we should focus on

  12. She looks like a skinny, skanky Goo Hye Sun in that gif.

  13. This girl is annoying as fuck but she gets all my respect for rejecting Seungreasy's nasty, gonorrhea filled penis.

    1. LOL! At least we know big bang aren't gay. lol


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