Tuesday, November 25, 2014

100th Day of Kara's Revival

Youngji celebrates her 100th day as a Kara member today.

I remember watching Baby Kara and the shitstorm that ensued after Youngji won. Sure, I wanted Shi Yoon to win, but I wasn't an unbearable cunt about my favorite one not getting into the group. I calmly accepted Youngji because I knew she was the best choice overall for Kara.

Overall, I am glad Youngji joined Kara. Jiyoung is over in Japan on her way to doing gravure and (hopefully) JAV while Nicole isn't missed at all with the terribly boring "Mama" that she released.

I guess this is all I have left to say for all three of Youngji's haters out there: Hi.


  1. Lol Shi Yoon had no chance. So Min and So Jin were definitely the top competitors. But Youngji came in clutch even after she missed like 3 performances.

  2. Holy shit, my crappy gif made it onto AKF.

  3. Dem haters can't fuck with a real G (http://i.imgur.com/aa3YjdV.png?1)

  4. Youngji is so PRECIOUS. Have you seen the video where she's laughing and drools and she's like ? at first and then just laughs at herself. What an idiot. I love her so much.

  5. Liking her a lot, especially her thunder thighs yum.

  6. I admit, I was one of those who thought KARA was coming to an end after Jiyoung and Nicole left. Even though they were my favourite K-pop band and I loved Pandora/Damaged Lady, those songs didnt match up to STEP, Lupin or Wanna for me and the departure of the two made me fear for their future. I wasn't sold on the Baby KARA project at all and didn't pay much attention to Youngji.

    Then Mamma Mia came out and rocked my world. Sad to see how it flopped as it is now my favourite KARA song along with STEP. Even then though Youngji was fairly invisible

    It wasn't till I saw her on variety shows and the like that she completely obliterated my bias list with her brilliant smile, disgustingly cute personality and sweet jesus those thunder thighs. I thought i preferred skinny girls given that Hara was my top visual bias for the longest time but YJ reminded me of the superiority of HEALTH.

    I know that most of it is due to her being so new and untainted by the darkness of the show biz, but the way Youngji runs around like a giant dorky ball of happiness just brings a smile to my face like no other idol has done.

    My favourite vid of her is this fancam of STEP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgHfqGy_SRA&index=2&list=PL4ADtg1h6-bPe6LSCTHBmh6BRKH6xez6b

    Just look at that twinkle in her eyes and how she genuinely enjoys being on stage (Hara on the other hand looks kind of like she's PMSing) plus her fucking thick body. Makes more diamonds in my pants than there are in entire African countries.

    Even if its just an act and she's already sucked dozens of boy band/producer cocks, I would like if YJ's smile is protected just a little bit longer as it heals me so much during this cynical and stressful time of my life in dent school


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