Friday, June 23, 2017

Idols Don't Owe Fans Shit

AOA Choa is Best Choa.
With news coming out that Best Choa intends to withdraw from AOA, many fans are claiming that this is them.

Many fans have to wrong notion that idols owe everything to the fans. While it may seem true when looking from that point of view, it ignores the other side of the equation. No one has ever compelled a fan to become a fan of a certain idol and/or the idol's group. The fan wasn't compelled to spend time and attention to that idol. For fans with unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns, they believe that because he or she spent money and/or time on that idol that he or she demands that the idol conforms to the fans' whims.

What most fans forget to factor is that they voluntarily spend time watching MVs, music shows, dramas, CFs, variety shows, along with spending for albums, concerts, and merchandise. However, just because a fan has done that, it doesn't give the fan the right to believe that they have control over the idol's life. Many fans unfortunately believe that idols should remain slaves to fulfill the desires of fans.

Many fans forget to live their own lives by vicariously living through the lives of the idols that they adore, while forgetting about the humanity of the idols that they supposedly support. For instance, Choa is leaving largely in part due to depression and insomnia. As someone who can relate to Choa, I understand completely. I have battled insomnia for a year and half, and for half of that time I have been prescribed sleeping pills. I got to the point where I was so reliant on them that I couldn't sleep without them, which affected my well-being (and ability to work effectively) once I got off the medication and experienced even worse insomnia when I had withdrawals. You learn that money, prestige, popularity and the like do not compare in value to your own well-being, mental and physical health, and sanity.

Sadly, fans can't see past their own selfish view. If you're complaining about how an idol betrayed you instead of hoping that they heal and lead a healthier and happier life in the future, then maybe you have some issues, not the idol who so called betrayed you.


  1. Usually people like that have them on such a high pedestal that they couldn't fathom them having actual problems that everyday people have.

    They also seem to forget that maybe these people might suffer from depression and various other shit because even though they may be doing all this cool stuff like singing, dancing, making albums, acting, and doing other shit that they could easily miss out on the basic shit in life because they spend so much of it in the entertainment business.

    These people are expected to do this shit and put on a facade where they smile all the time. Korean society isn't helping either LOL

    I wouldn't be surprised if one of the causes of Choa's depression is that she's 28 and has missed out on a lot of basic life shit that people take for granted.

    Shit it's why i'm leaving my job it's to the point where i'm jealous when people's biggest worries is failing their finals.

  2. As I am old as fuck, I remember George Harrison during Beatle years saying he wasn't going to kill himself just to satisfy his fans. Best of wishes to Choa as she contemplates a new life.

  3. re:the title THANK YOU. I've been trying to say this forever.

  4. How out of touch are you that someone's well being is less valuable than your entertainment?
    I'm going to sit down tonight and enjoy a nice meal with my Seolhyun body pillow, we're planning our next vacation, but I know we have to discuss what's wrong with these people.

  5. I don't like this Choa.

    But sasaengs need to be fucking mass-executed.

    Taeyeon has been my waifu for many years and I was indifferent when she had a boyfriend because IT IS NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS.

  6. I'm amazed no one has seen the forest through the trees - queen Choa had all her greatness (center of group, looker, great singer) usurped by little Seolhyun....

    Seolhyun went on Brave Family and became the perfect idol - not too pretty, relatable, and self-deprecating (she freakin' picked up dung!); she became in short order the perfect girl that all girls wanted to be like and all guys wanted. Choa never attained this and while her efforts remained high her payout (recognition and coin) flat lined while Seolhyun's took off (fame and CF deals galore). Choa tried - she went on Running Man and acted like a completely hollow girly pris - no other way to say it - I saw it, everyone saw it. Conversely Seolhyun went on RM and gave it her all.

    Anyone passed over for a promotion or seen their efforts go unrecognized can instantly relate. She said F-it and walked away - no other bullshit explanation needed. She likely has some decent bank and many a rich guy would want her so she will do just fine. Hard part for her is that her life was handled by others (freebie salon, clothes, housing, transportation, etc.) and she will have to fend for that herself unless she signs solo somewhere or bags a rich guy. I wish her the best - she was AoA for so long and very, very talented but when someone else steals the limelight (whether intentional or not) - it's time to move along....

    1. "not too pretty" - Even a respectable homosexual upstanding citizen would call you a faggot.

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