Thursday, June 22, 2017

[MV Review] Black Pink - As If It's Your Last

Black Pink makes another great comeback and makes it easier and easier to forget about 2NE1.

Up until now, Black Pink has been hit and miss for me, considering they only have a few title tracks to go off of so far. I hated their debut songs but loved "Playing With Fire". Luckily Teddy has started writing good songs again after breaking up with Han Ye Seul, and I'm sure having four attractive and younger girls makes it much easier than writing songs for 2NE1.

The easiest way for me to explain this song since I still refuse to learn anything at all about music so that I could actually explain why I like and dislike songs is to say that this song sounds like a synth version of an old 2NE1 track with the offbeat structure of today's Kpop songs mixing in several different instrumentals together. For the most part, it works very well and I love (what sounds like to me) synth keys playing during some of Jennie and Rose's parts. The only downside to the song is Lisa's rap because YG insists on trying to make Lisa the CL of the group without allowing Lisa to have her own identity. Aside from that small blip, I have really enjoyed the song and have been playing it a lot today.

Thankfully the song is good, but I really enjoy the MV. First, the girls look amazing. I am so thankful that YG made Black Pink a better-looking version of 2NE1 because hey, if a song sucks, at least the visuals will be great enough to sit through an MV. Particularly, I am a huge fan of Rose and she looks amazing in the MV. I didn't like Lisa at first, but I have warmed up to her. She wants me to call her "pretty and nasty," and I will oblige. I'll call her pretty when I bust a nut in her mouth and call her nasty when she gives me a rimjob.

I would definitely vibrate her all night long!

However, the best part of the MV is that the girls are wearing school uniforms. Black Pink Areolas (from now on called Bruised Areolas because a black pink aerola would imply that the nipple/areola is bruised), the name I just gave to any annoying Black Pink fan (sadly, most of them, this is Kpop we're talking about) always used the fact that Black Pink didn't "pander to pedos".



  1. Teddy has truly returned, indeed.

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  3. I deploy to Afghanistan and you come back? The betrayal!!

    Guess I've got something to read now especially since all the women here are fully clothed and get beat or killed if we interact with them.

  4. "Black Pink makes another great comeback and makes it easier and easier to forget about 2NE1."

    that one sentence said everything..

    cheers for 2NE2!

  5. You have shit taste in music

  6. I'm still hoping they throw out the katoey asap.

    Song's too much like 4minute and not enough 2NE1 and I can't stand anything by 4minute. But I wouldn't call it a complete failure.

  7. Your blog is a work of art

  8. I thought Jennie was the CL of the group...

  9. Replies
    1. Um??? It's their pink side, it's a new version of them. You've got to get used to their Pink side because their Black side is what hooked us in the first place.

    2. @Blink in your area; Fuck off, fangirl.

  10. Also, I hate how disgusting the writing becomes in this blog. I mean, review, but why add all these sexual parts...? They're people, too. Besides, they're really young.

    It's the only thing that pisses me off. Otherwise, I'd love this blog.

    1. No, I've been reading this for a while now, and I just got fed up with it.
      Blackpink is SO young and they're really like little girls in a way, and this just made me sick.

    2. So young? They are all at least 20 years old.

  11. You prolly havent seen 637 yet

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