Monday, December 18, 2017

RIP in peace Dal Shabet

A few days ago, Ah Young (D:), Subin and Serri's contracts with Happy Face Entertainment expired. Woohee is the only one left, as she joined the group a year later after that one member went one to do softcore porn (bless her).

For those that didn't know, Dal Shabet was produced by E-Tribe, the composing team that shot to stardom in 2008 with Lee Hyori's "U Go Girl", and then they made "fuck you" money in 2009 as they composed SNSD's "Gee." Then they released the biggest clunker of their short career, T-ara's "Yayaya." They then debuted Dal Shabet in 2011, and even though they had great songs (both composed by E-Tribe and outside composers), Dal Shabet never got anywhere.

RIP. I'll miss Ah Young the most.


  1. This makes me sad, but nothing is never sadder than a life loss. Compared to other groups, at least I know HappyFace always tried to give these girls come backs, so I haven't the same hard feelings I had with Rainbow nor see a miss oportunity like I did with Wonder Girls.

    I liked almost all their releases from beginning to the end, I enjoyed them as a group in all their line-ups. If they decided to call it a day, I will just accept it with a smile and wish them the best in their near futures.

    Today we got way sadder news, which makes me remember why I always tell myself is not the end of the World when your fav leaves the pack or your group disbands.

    RIP Jonghyun.

    1. rest in peace, king legend jonghyun <3

  2. Dal Shabet was always underappreciated. Doomed to be perma-nugus.

    But they really did have several great songs and hot members.

    1. I know. I hate it when good nugu groups can't escape nugudom.

  3. Very nice your blog and article. I like this blog thank for sharing.


  4. Eh.. B.B.B. is good but song becomes boring after the first chorus because it's too repetitive.

    Hate, Don't Hate sound like an inferior Roly Poly

    Joker is pretty good I guess

    The rest I cant even remember


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