Sunday, December 17, 2017

Twice - Heart Shaker

Twice has proved with "Heart Shaker" that sometimes less is more. As in if they had released one less song this year, they could have rivaled Red Velvet with the quality of their releases.

To some extent, I have enjoyed each title track that Twice has released this year in Korea and Japan, and "Heart Shaker" takes the cake for the laziest, cash-grabbing bullshit that I would expect from them five years from now, but not in 2017.

The song opens very weakly. Think of it as if you're getting ready to bang at hot chick and as soon as she pulls your boxers down, you're already leaking cum. You pop a Viagra or whatever and finally get going. That's what the chorus is, as it is the only part of the song that salvages this song. It doesn't hurt that it is carried by the best member in the group, Nayeon,but I digress. Then the rest of the verses are very weak, just as if the Viagra's effect only lasted fifteen seconds before you continue fucking the hot girl with a limp dick before the Viagra kicks in for another fifteen seconds before you go limp-dicked again.

I can forgive a song such as "Signal" having major flaws if there are some strong points to counter them. However, it is hard to overcome a very bland song with a somewhat catchy chorus. Some of Twice's other tracks had much catchier choruses than "Heart Shaker," so while songs should be graded in a vacuum, it's hard to ignore the baseline one already has when it comes to what they expect from a Twice song.

Due to understanding Korean, unfortunately I can't hear the "Is Sana gay?" that people have mentioning since the teasers came out, so I don't even get to enjoy while listening.

Anyway, the girls' visuals at least make the video worth watching. Jihyo has been great (source) since "Signal," and anyone not fapping to her is missing out.

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