Sunday, February 11, 2018

Red Velvet - Bad Boy

Red Velvet came back with "Bad Boy" a couple of weeks ago, and boy was it a pleasant surprise. Every time I had wanted to write an article about this song, I went to r/kpopfap instead and lookup up gifs from the live performances. This is definitely Red Velvet's most aesthetically pleasing concept yet.

If "The Perfect Velvet" showcased that Red Velvet's Velvet side can work if provided with the right songs, then "Bad Boy" shows that their Velvet title tracks can work if they promote a song that at least has a pulse to it unlike the rest of their Velvet title tracks to date. I generally don't care for R&B since it's just vocal wank material, but "Bad Boy" at least masks some of the inherent problems with R&B by having more parts moving during the song so that it doesn't make me fall asleep.

Plus, just visit r/kpopfap and look at the recent Red Velvet posts. If that's not a justification for the Velvet side, I don't know what is. I will always prefer their Red songs, but at least now I won't write off their Velvet songs before they even come out.


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  2. Not into girls but they all looked hot in this video. Especially Seulgi


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