Saturday, March 3, 2018


A final goodbye from the AKF team as the 7-year curse hits us as well.

I have found out that over the past year that while I still like Kpop as much as I did the day I got into it 10 years ago, I have zero desire to write about it any longer. As much as that has happened since December when I reopened the blog, I thought about writing something but opted to do other things instead. Even as my favorite singer of all time released three MVs since Christmas, I still didn't want to write about anything. That was when I realized that I just needed to stop and let AKF rest in peace. The site had a good run, but once the owner of a site starts neglecting said site and posts infrequently, that is when I believe it is time for the site to go.

You see many old, broke boxers try to make a comeback just for it to not work out. This is simply the same thing. I wanted to give it one last chance, but with many of the changes in my life, that just means I spend a lot less time on the Internet. I don't follow the news and gossip, I just watch the MVs and whatever variety shows that have my favorites guesting. I don't go to forums any longer and r/kpop is cancer, so I don't see many of the stupid things fans say any longer. I know there's enough material to write about BTS stans until the end of time, and trust me, I know as I made an awful mistake in dating a Kpop fan who also happened to stan BTS, I know. I left many of the Kpop communities just because of how repressive they are. I know closing this site won't help alleviate that, but I have found out that being around less Kpop fans online makes it that much more fun to enjoy. Therefore my insulation from the rabid fans gives me a lot less to talk about.

I don't expect another site like this to ever show up for Kpop, or else someone would have it made it by now. This site has featured people from all races, all genders (even someone who identifies as a vibrator!), sexual orientations, political viewpoints, etc. We all came together to create at least one space in the Kpop media sphere where a diverse set of opinions could be shared in an entertaining fashion. I am happy with everyone who has helped AKF during its run.

Lastly, I will be turning off comments, but keeping the site open. I don't want the site to be overrun by spam comments, as I won't be moderating the comments to remove the spam.

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