Tuesday, April 2, 2013

G Dragon To Debut In Japan In August

What the fuuuuuuuck?

Does anyone even give a shit about G Dragon anymore?

His style is so ridiculous these days. His hair reminds me of that time where I played truth or dare with my friends and they dared me to dye my pubes pink. My lesbian girlfriend said she liked cotton candy, but not that kind of cotton candy.When she was about to go down on me, she busted out laughing and my pussy failed to send me to Nirvana that night. It was so awkward the next day shaving my pubes in the shower. I was running late for school, so I didn't have time to clean up the bath tub. Imagine getting a call from your mom telling you that your younger brother is at the hospital because he thought he was eating pink cotton candy.


  1. That actually looks like a bong... not even trying to go all G-druggin with it but yeah... seriously does. He's so over himself.. but his fans will continue to eat it all up so.... whatever.

  2. Dafaq with that story? lol.....but seriously GD is such a fucking cunt these days.

    1. oh...oh...oh....WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST FUCKING SAY YOU FUCKING BITCH!? "He's a cunt" well then okay.....3 things for you...
      1. He doesn't have a fucking choice he has to listen to his manager and CEO
      2. He doesn't want to be known for his looks or for his music because he actually has a life unlike you fucktard
      3. Even if he had a fucking choice what makes you think you can call him a fucking cunt?! Do you even know what that means or are you an idiot trying to blend in and try to hate on people with words you don't know? Good luck living in the real word!

  3. I wish your story were real because it was so hilarious

  4. He tries so hard to make his fans think his original but that shit he did on his hair is overused style in brazil

  5. I used to be a huge g-dragon fan up until maybe last year. Biggest try-hard in kpop if you ask me.

  6. Oh shit he looks like that talentless douchebag from Simply Red.

  7. .... It's like a Korean Michael Jackson. o_o *gouges eyes*

  8. what the fuck is that fucking hair?

  9. He is like an Korean Male version of Rihanna.

    Both had their peak in their early days then somehow they were hit with the crazy stick and went into a spiral into lala land.


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