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Han Ye Seul proves that "reflection periods" are pointless

Originally I just wanted an excuse to post a new picture of Han Ye Seul just like I did with the previous UEE post, but no, retarded Korean netizens have given me something to write about. It's about the "reflection periods" that Korean netizens always clamor for. Sometimes I believe these Korean netizens should take a reflection period about how much they suck at Starcraft. Just because you suck ass at Starcraft, don't put all of your irrational hatred onto celebrities.

I normally get all of my Korean news about Han Ye Seul in Korean or Chinese, but just being curious, I went to Netizen Buzz to see if she translated the comments about Ye Seul. When I read the comments, I wasn't surprised one bit, but it did make me think.

Netizen Buzz - Han Ye Seul hopes to make an acting comeback after two years

Now, I honestly don't give a shit if someone doesn't like a celebrity that I like. That's why I still post stuff about T-ara even though 90% of Kpop fans hate T-ara. I'm not so feeble-minded as to let a random person's opinion of someone change my opinion. That's why I don't understand why I get so many fangirls send me hate messages. There are even people who hate AKF (the site) yet still monitor everything I and the other authors write. Why be so obsessive over someone else's opinion? For example, on articles about the Dallas Cowboys, I'll make a comment once in a while that Tony Romo fucking sucks (even though Dallas is my favorite team.) I have Tony Romo defenders up my ass and chewing me out over saying that. Come the fuck on, I gave my reasons. Accept them or leave them. It's the same with me when it comes to Han Ye Seul, T-ara, Tablo, etc. I like all three of them, yet because my opinion goes against the majority, I get chewed out for it. Sorry for not being a bandwagoning fuckface and having an opinion for myself. I can understand why some people don't like Han Ye Seul, but there are some things that I don't understand while reading the comments, as translated by Netizen Buzz.

1. [+583, -33] What director would want to cast her? She might run away to America in the middle of filming...

2. [+558, -21] She should reflect. All the other staff who receive not even a percentage of the pay that she does still held it in for the sake of the viewers and worked hard... but because she had it a bit harder, she ran away to America. Exactly in what country is that ever an acceptable thing to do?

3. [+511, -24] Just take a nice, long rest... Didn't you say you were tired...

4. [+453, -22] Kim Hye Soo: No.

5. [+394, -21] I bet she wants to run away again while filming something

6. [+375, -17] Just stay in America

7. [+337, -14] Goes home whenever she's tired or feels like it... So selfish.

8. [+317, -15] Well she can find work in America since she seems to love America so much

9. [+242, -17] Didn't even notice that it's been 2 years since I haven't seen this b*tch

10. [+212, -10] Does she need money now or something? Isn't she the one that ran away in the middle of filming? So once she gets paid, she's going to run away again?

1. [+341, -59] Can you make sure your respect makes a comeback too

2. [+324, -59] She's become such a turnoff. One mistake totally ruined her image.. She was the best during 'Couple of Fantasy'

3. [+276, -66] Miss Runaway
Okay, the first is "reflection periods". You can always see Korean netizens bitching about how G-Dragon and T-ara never had a reflection period. Well, this is exactly why reflection periods don't matter. You can read on Asian Junkie a similar story about Ivy. Ivy "reflected" for three years yet she still gets shit on. Han Ye Seul has been out of the spotlight for two years (just doing photo shoots here and there), yet gets shit on. That's why I thought it was a smart move by YG to not have G-Dragon have a "reflection period". If G-Dragon had a reflection period and came back after two years, he would still be called G-Druggin and people would still hate on him. If T-ara had taken a "reflection period", people would still call them bullies. Netizens would just say "T-ara had more time to bully people during their time off. Fucking cunts."

The other problem I see with this is their hatred for Han Ye Seul exposing the problems in the Kdramas industry. If you didn't know, Han Ye Seul bailed on Spy Myung Wol due to horrible conditions (working 22 hours a day/7 days a week), just for the "promise with the viewers". What a bunch of horse shit. I've written about this plenty of times before, but there is no reason why drama filming crews should have to work 20 hours a day just to appease these two-inch dick having, A-cup tits having fucks. This happened in the middle of 2011, became a big controversy, yet nothing has changed since then. At the 2012 SBS Drama Awards, Jung Ryeo Won inadvertently mentioned this by talking about how the drama filming environment needs to change and how there needs to be more pre-produced dramas (just like how every other country in the world does it.)

Korean netizens, or any netizens, can hate her for all they want. It's not going to change my opinion of Han Ye Seul. However, stop demanding "reflection periods" when reflections never appease you kimchi-smelling fucks. And yes, you can continue hating on Han Ye Seul for exposing as to why Korean dramas are normal dramas in the first half and become fanfics in the second half. If Korean dramas weren't produced so poorly just so changes could be made on the fly, none of this would be a problem. I've seen plenty of dramas with an interesting setup, good writing, yet get poor ratings. Since Korean dramas are filmed live (as in the week, sometimes the day the episode is aired), changes can be made very rapidly. So I have seen dramas with potential turning into garbage because Korean viewers demand everything to be the same in every drama. This "promise with the viewers" almost got broken because of Han Ye Seul and Korean netizens hate her for it. Sadly, Korean netizens have control over what goes on in dramas because of how the system is set up. Just think about NBC and Community fans as an analogy for an American (and geez, that show went from being one of my favorite sitcoms to complete and utter shit.) Once netizens get the fuck out of the way and allow the producers, directors and writers to do their job instead of allowing dramas ending up as fanfiction, then the problem will finally be solved. But what am I saying? This is fucking Korea for fuck's sake.


  1. I'm pretty sure the Korean PDs, directors and writers themselves are at fault too - they've been pretty much using the same formula over and over again from the get-go since God knows how long. They're not really any different to music producers for idol groups either.

    Most of these guys know people are going to watch the drama regardless anyway and just try to make a quick buck and fame out of them.

    Besides, didn't Gaksital, Chaser and Phantom do well despite being outside the box in general?

    1. The Chaser was really the only one that did well out of those three. I believe Gaksital and Phantom were stuck in the teens throughout their whole run.

  2. I totally agree with you. People need to get whatever stick they have up their butts out and leave these celebrities alone. I think most people hate on these celebrities because they wish they had the life the celebrities have, and they choose they ones who aren't as popular in hopes that they will fall. Personally, I have never heard of Han Ye Seul (you know I'm going to be looking her up when I'm done posting this.) but I love T-ARA and Tablo's music. They are both incredible singers and I think that they are good at what they do. People need to stop hating on others because they have a successful life. The way I see it, if the haters actually went out and tried to do something with their lives instead of hating on successful people in the industry, then they might end up successful too. But for most of them, that aspect might just go over their heads. Thanks for the amazing blog. Keep posting, because it's the first thing I read when I wake up :)
    P.S. If you have a chance, check out my blog :

    1. I don't think this post is ironic.

      Dammit, I'm getting nauseous over here...

    2. "They are both incredible singers and I think that they are good at what they do"

      There aren't really any incredible singers in T-ara. Soyeon's the only one who can actually sing and even then, the group's lives in general are pretty lackluster.

    3. not lackluster. Just plain shit. T-ara's just plain shit when it comes to singing. But I still love those bullying bitches

    4. the basic law of mainstream music anywhere in the world is that sex sells.

      t-ara don't have to be even sort of good at singing.
      look at how big kara got without having even one solid vocalist.

    5. well 2ne1 definitely blows my mind here, no vocal talent, no sex selling, seriously i don't even know how they got even close to famous

    6. I assume they're famous because they are the closest celebrities fangirls can relate to re: vocal talent, looks and all that jazz.

  3. thanks for explaining the drama filming structure thing, that was actually really informative. also explains why i have never been able to watch k-dramas.

  4. So the viewers have a big part in writing the script for K-dramas as the dramas go along? Explains a whole fucking lot about k-dramas.

    All these kids void of creativity or individuality thinking they themselves are amazing scriptwriters... Get over yourselves

    1. Yes, the producers, writers, broadcasting companies, etc. cater to the fans. Instead of telling the original story that the writer wanted, broadcast companies will switch things on the fly in order to appease the viewers. There are plenty of instances where there are new writers added, or even new writers replacing old ones. I know American shows do this, but they do this in between seasons, not as the show is airing. If Korean dramas were produced before they aired, they'd be a lot better. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy them as they are, but I know that they could be much better if they had time to do extra takes for scenes, more time to polish up the scripts, more time for editing, etc.

  5. Han Ye Seul should just come back to give the middle fingers to the anti-fans.

    It's like people never heard of a strike?? Where people stop working and demands better working conditions. If more people, actors/actresses, would just stand up and did the same thing, people would be singing a different tune. F*** the hypocrites. She has the balls to do something different and instead of people standing up for her, they tramped her. Because what? Over a f***** drama then human conditions? I bet you, if Eric had stood up for Han Ye Seul, the fan girls would have been screaming, "Better the working conditions!" Netizens are more sympathetic toward male actors.

    One of these days, and I hope it doesn't come that that, if a major star, which i think already happened, double over from this working conditions, the netizens would be come back to this incident as a turning point.

    "I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

    I really really dislike fans who think they know what the hell they talking about while watching dramas. Drives me f****** nuts.

  6. This post wins.

    What possible motivation has [insert k-pop star here] got to "reflect" when they know as well as we do that netizens will just resume the hate immediately upon their return?

    The T-ara situation is a real turning point for the business. Netizens' demands ("disband, fuck off bitches") are obviously not going to be met, because T-ara makes stupidly large amounts of money and still have massive amounts of fans (the scandal hurt them in Korea but ironically helped grow and strengthen their fanbase internationally, ensuring their longevity). The girls (employees under contract) have no choice but to fly in the face of hate, they couldn't stop even if every bone in their body wanted to.

    If netizens want to retain any of their precious power to influence k-pop idols, they need to give their favourite/most hated (same thing) k-pop villains a "way out". The stick doesn't work without the carrot. By choosing to keep the hatred going no matter what, their side of the bargain ("go away for a while and we will forgive") is broken. Presto - netizens become powerless to influence anything. Nothing to gain from obeying means nothing to lose from disobeying.

    It's a good thing. Korean media culturally is growing up. Give it ten years and Korean netizens will be looked at by Korea the way YouTube comments are looked at by western record labels. Maybe sooner if people in the industry learn the lessons presented by T-ara, G-Dragon, Ivy and now Han Ye Seul.

    1. True. I say give netizens the middle finger. If everything goes their whimsical way, mother planet would probably have stopped spinning already.


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