Friday, April 12, 2013

Hongki, come write for AKF anytime you wish

In between breaks of playing Starcraft, doing school work and contemplating suicide, Korean netizens decided to unleash their anger onto Hongki after getting Zerg Rushed.

I won't post all of the butthurt from the Korean netizens, but I'll post some of the comments that made me laugh.

First, if the Netizen Buzz article is tl;dr, this will sum it up:

Hongki lashed back at the netizens, tweeting, "Hey you keyboard warriors, if you're going to hate on me, at least know the facts. I bought it just yesterday so I don't have a license plate for it but it's okay as long as I get one within 15 days. And it seems you can't see that well because it's dark but yeah it's in front of a traffic light but it's still by the store I bought the motorcycle at. Jeez, you're all foaming at the mouths trying to kill me over it."

Korean netizens are pissed that a celebrity would actually talk back to them. These crybabies are worse than the delusional fangirls that we happen to shit on here at AKF. Delusional fangirls are just delusional in the sense that they're overprotective of their oppars and unnirs. Korean netizens, on the other hand, vent out all of their frustrations onto the celebrities. I honestly don't blame them. If you didn't know by now, life for Korean high schoolers is a living hell, where they spend most of their time studying for exams since those exams essentially determine their fate for the rest of their lives. South Korea also has the highest suicide rate among the OECD countries.

Time for some comments from the netizens, as translated by Netizen Buzz.

1. [+494, -116] He is seriously such a tryhard...

lawl, funny coming from a Korean netizen.

4. [+105, -6] I'm not a Hongki fan nor have I ever hated on him but his explanation is really off putting. As pissed as he is, he should not speak in such a harsh manner. I know it's directed to the people that were criticizing him but even when I read it, it's making me disgusted by him... I think I have an accurate impression of him now.

Yes, I supposed he's supposed to take this shit daily from you guys just to appease some random turds on the Internet.

3. [+46, -6] He's the one that put up the picture and now he's b*tching at people to hate on him for the right reasons... Yeah, he'll never become a big star. I predict there will come a day where he'll be missing these keyboard warriors he's talking about.

You guys would bitch about a celebrity having their shoe untied. I doubt he'll ever miss random faggots online.

5. [+107, -14] Aside from whether or not he's violating any laws, his explanation makes him sound ilke such a b*tch

Hahahahahahaha. That's how I feel whenever I read comments on Nate. You kimchi-smelling fucks bitch about everything.

Hongki needs to be like his sunbae Yoochun and keep the bitches in line by slapping the shit out of them.

Anyway, after seeing netizens trying to ruin several celebrity careers within the past few years, it's nice to see someone stand up to the netizens. This isn't about whether or not what Hongki did was illegal, but it's about how it's about time celebrities stop taking so much shit from netizens. Unfortunately the netizen problem will never go away since Korea is the most wired country in the world, but the voices of anonymous Koreans who suck ass at Starcraft should be squashed Zerg Rush by Zerg Rush.


  1. Sometimes I'm really happy I'm not famous.

  2. Sometimes I'm glad I went to a shitty as hell school when I was there. Saved me the trouble of those long fucking hours of studying shit that wouldn't even matter to me in the future.

    1. and here i thought all schools in this world are hell after going to three different schools within 2 years. pretty sure all students love school not as a school, but a wireless skype forum

    2. well it depends not only on your workload but also the general attitude etc. it was my last day at one of the highest intensity high schools in the country yesterday and the revelation that all of us had was that we got each other through it; social support etc is one of the biggest factors that contributes to unipolar depression (and so eventual suicide)

    3. I thought all korean students are bullies?

      And do i smell a Jiyeon reference?

    4. Attitude does not matter very much in Korean schools :3

      You could have a fucking textbook smashed against your head for talking in class and get just a slap in the wrists with a ruler from the dean if caught smoking. Shit, even if you beat someone to the point of getting wound up in hospital, all you'll get is just one week of cleaning the school after class.

      If every Korean student was a bully, then I'd hear more news of victims fighting against the bullies too.

  3. This is the best post I've ever read here. Netizens and fangirls are two sides of the same mentally ill beast. Irrational hatred is just as stupid as uncritical sugar-coated fangirling, and it's usually the insane "oppa is the best" fans who will attack all other groups and try to bring them down. It's the old "it's not enough that my bias succeeds, everyone else must fail" mentality. I also love it how netizens try to get celebrities to subscribe to a moral code that they don't even adhere to themselves.

  4. Koreans also have an intense pressure to achieve a high level of attractiveness and aesthetic perfection. On top of intense social pressure to have an incredible high-paying job and people constantly asking you how much you make. I'd be going off on people CONSTANTLY if I was a korean in korea country.

  5. Netizens are just jealous. Bitches don't know about his additional pylons.

  6. Wow those netizens sounds so fuckin butthurt.

  7. I know nothing about the guy, but I'm a fan now!

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  9. Hongki is such a mother father gentleman

  10. If I were as talented as Hongki I would be cussing bitches out all the damn time b/c at the end of the day, he has a voice of gold & his talent level runs laps around most idols

  11. haha funny really just because he tries to stick up for himself and not be known for 'special treatment' because he's an idol he's now known to be an asshole. He just bought it so leave him alone and get a REAL life.


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