Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hyosung's "Controversy"

Yes, Big Tits Hyosung has a controversy in Korea right now over the dumbest of things in the world.

Did she have a nip slip?!?!?!?! Sadly, no, as our buddy at fiddle.se would have been the first one to gif that if it had actually happened.

Via Netizen Buzz:

"We're a team that respects individuality so we don't democratize the group."

The "controversy" is over the use of the word "democratize" the group. As this doesn't translate into English all that well, at a glance it's hard to understand why this is even a story in the first place. However, "democratize" has an "urban dictionary" meaning on Ilbe (Korea's version of America's 4chan or Japan's 2ch), as it takes on the meaning of "'to disappear', 'to demolish', or 'to cause a riot'".

I still don't see the problem, but let's get to my comments about some translated comments regarding Hyosung's comments, shall we?

1. [+1,089, -276] If she wanted to use the term correctly, she should've said, "We're a team that respects individuality. We're democratic."

2. [+957, -258] How could you not know what democratization means????? So if having no individuality and no freedom means you're democratic, is having individuality a dictatorship??? This goes beyond just being stupid...

3. [+770, -178] She was probably looking to use the word 'standardization'...

4. [+280, -78] Whether or not Hyosung is actually an Ilbe user does not matter... but to have used the exact statement that Ilbe users use to put down democratization just showed the entire world how stupid she is.

5. [+253, -60] Is she crazy... That is the exact statement Ilbe users use... If you don't know what a word means, don't use it;;; How does that clarification even make sense? Wow, I'm so pissed off with her


1. [+1,150, -158] Hyosung, are you an Ilbe user?

2. [+1,053, -113] How often did she say such a thing that it comes out so naturally like that? tsk tsk SECRET are now Ilbe goddesses from here on out

3. [+918, -153] Even if there's the slightest chance that she really didn't know about Ilbe, the negative context of how she used the word is unforgivable. I fully believe that she reads the Ilbe boards... She's on DC Gallery a lot, why not Ilbe?

4. [+780, -316] So she's an Ilbe goddess now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Well, looks like your career is over, so long~

5. [+500, -59] Ilbe's going to be loving Hyosung now ㅋㅋㅋ Ilbe goddess Hyosung, praise her~~
I honestly don't even know where to start. Should I start with how I think it's pathetic that these netizens are hounding someone over the use of "democratization?" Man, I just wonder how much Korean netizens would hate me (aside from the fact that I'm not a "pure" Korean) for using words like "faggot" and "nigger".  So she used a word incorrectly, who cares? It's not like she's committing any real crime.

But wait, this shit gets more ridiculous.

1. [+309, -36] The T-ara train has arrived.

2. [+252, -19] I would've understood if she used another ilbe word like 'unji' and said she didn't know what it meant, but democratize has a meaning on its own so it's hard to believe that she really used it in that context without knowing what it meant? How could she be 25 years old and not know what it means unless she's utterly stupid?

3. [+268, -35] And another idol has left us today

4. [+203, -18] Don't call it a mistake. How can you be 25 and not know what democratize means? Even elementary school students wouldn't use the word in that context.

5. [+138, -16] Yeah, edit her out of IC... I don't want to watch some 25 year old who doesn't even know what democratize means.

6. [+105, -11] Whether or not she's ilbe trash, the fact that she used the word in a negative context means she's in the wrong.
1. [+121, -54] Gotta watch that mouth whether you're asleep or awake

2. [+124, -74] Bye...

3. [+106, -77] Never crawl back out again. Now that I know you're an ilbe trash, just seeing your face gives me goose bumps.
So they want her off of a TV show for using the word "democratization". I can't even think of a logical reason as to how using the word "democratization" will harm viewers of Infinity Challenge. If I think about this any longer, I may end up becoming retarded like Korean netizens.


  1. long as she doesnt democratize those excellent breasts

    also its good to be back o/

  2. caus T-ara not in korea and chillin in Cali right now drinkin a 40z, they decided to pick on Hyosung? smh

  3. I don't understand that sentence at all.

  4. While I think the whole thing is a hilarious overreaction by the knetizen commentariat, you don't really take into account how awful Ilbe is. Since "democratization" in the way Hyosung used it is an Ilbe meme, it was bound to get some reaction.

  5. ooOOooOOooOOooOOoOOoOoHHhhhhhh neitzensss

  6. they even gone mad on simple misused words like that? is there any shit that don't tick off korean as if they all having Period Day?

  7. Man south koreans throwing a nerd fit over every little thing!

  8. top comment on netizen buzz:

    "Some background information:

    In south korea there is a group of people claiming that the country shouldn't have been democratized and should just have remained an autocratic state with an military dictator. They even think that north korea made south korea democratized in order to mess up south korean society. Ilbe is a website where those kind of people gather.

    Ilbe users distorted the use of the term 'to democratize' to 'to oppress people's freedom' because they think democracy is a bad thing. The majority of south korean think Ilbe users are making fun of blood and deaths of many people sacrificed during korean democratization by distorting the meaning of the word. And Hyosung, while I can't tell she did on purpose or not knowing, used the term in the exact way Ilbe users do.

    Of course I understand outside of south korea it must be hard to understand why korean netizens are so upset about her words. But this is not just hatred toward idol celebrities, but a problem related to history and political background."

    this is similar to the greek soccer player doing the nazi salute, just on a much smaller scale. and of course hyosung allegedly didn't know what she was saying, but the point is that this isn't just fuss over jack shit.

    1. the professors need to add this to the lesson plan next year at idol university

    2. The hilarious thing is that if those Ilbe people got their wish and Korea became a dictatorship, the first thing that dictatorship would probably shut down is Ilbe.

  9. Okay well David's quote cleared that up a bit. I was wondering what the big deal was, since obviously they're not translating all the meaning.

    Actually (Political Science major here), democratize could mean getting rid of individuality and forming a collective unit. In fact, ancient democracy was very much like that; it promoted homogeneity and the common good over individual interests. It wasn't until Liberalism was conceived that we have the modern notion of democracy today. Freedom was not part of the ancient conception of democracy anyway, democracy is about participation and collective determination. You get to choose what the polity does, but you still have to go along with its decision.

    I thought she was saying something to the effect of "we let the members make up their own minds, we don't try to force them to do what the group as a whole wants."

    1. That was what I thought as well but she's screwed anyways. Lemme ask you, is political science worth 4 years or even a semester?

    2. Yeah, I find it very rewarding but you only get out what you put in. No matter what field you're interested in, it can be applied to political science. Econ, Psych, Math, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology, Computer Science, etc.

      Additionally, young people are horribly apathetic when it comes to politics. They don't vote and they don't participate. Unsurprisingly, they're getting screwed the hardest by the government.

      On the other hand, political science involves a lot of reading and writing, and some of it is quite dry. But I think anyone can enjoy it if they learn how. I'm done with college tomorrow and I can say the last few years of doing this has been totally worth it.

    3. well, ain't you from Australia? Voting is compulsory in OZ, you either vote and get fined.

  10. You missed the best one:

    "2. [+44, -5] Who you accusing of bulk buy? We're buying songs that touch our hearts and move our souls. My mother is listening to their song right now and shedding tears of joy. She says even Na Hoon Ah (veteran singer) has nothing on them. "

    And I don't understand why they want her to be edited out of Infinity Challenge, I thought she said the problematic thing on a radio show or something.

    1. That article came out after I had posted this one.

  11. It's projective hatred. Not for Hyosung herself, but idols in general. They rationalize their perspective to fit the CULPRIT, not the SITUATION. Pretty standard stuff, if you ever had a heated discussion with the average American woman.
    It's basically like watching a person criticize capitalism. Just...no.

    1. You smell that? Smells like burnt kimchi...

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  13. Knetizens raging over celebrities? Ok, big deal. Alert me when they finally quit spewing faeces from their mouths. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy Hyosung's bouncing titties...............

    Hyosung is being labelled as "llbe trash" by Knetizens for her slip of tongue on IC. But having pored over every single comment posted included in this article, I am led to believe that the only trash there is the Knetizens themselves.

  14. I think I like Hyosung even more after all did hulabaloo

  15. Ilbe is trash... If she is a ilbe user it's a little bit disappointing, but we all have a dark side. I wonder what kind of things she search for there....


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