Sunday, May 26, 2013

With this nose, I thee wed...

So if you didn't know, Naeun got a new schnoz.

Most A Pink fans have realized this already with divided opinions. I personally think it wasn't anything major, it just looks like fillers, possibly something she could have reserved easily. She looks less unique now and I guess you'd say it's less "cute" looking, although she is still hella cute if you check out anything from her recent performances but personal preference will ultimately rule.

The real question is "Why?" Everyone knows she was one of the prettiest idols out there, nothing really called for tempering, so some guessed that perhaps she wanted a more regal look to get more lead roles in dramas rather than supporting "teen" character roles. Well you may have already guessed from the title, but I figured out the real reason...

The hot new trend, couple noses! Everything about the change only made it more like her new love of a lifetime. I wonder how many couples this will catch on with.


  1. Replies
    1. The one that gives you a boner

    2. This is an ambiguous answer that contingents on personal preferences.

  2. Holy Crap, they look like sisters in that screen cap. So MBC has turned to lesbian incestual couples to spur the flagging rating of their show?

    Anyway,her already surgically enhanced face looked cute and innocent before the "Second Coming". Now Naeun's got that uncouth and stuck-up look to her face.

  3. her first after operation photo makes her look like a deformed IU

  4. Her face looks less bloaty too, but she also looks a lot more generic : ///

  5. taemin used to be a dorb

  6. looks fine, but it was unnecessary.

  7. Korean are like this.. All Asian what we i-fans like. Are eyes like these -.- noses like this (. .) abs and dicks like this 8=D
    They are so hypocritical when they say go Korea/Japan/China/ etc and they all want to.look western hahwhahahahahahah those bitches


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