Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lucky A Pink Fan

The dude had great composure. At the very least, he wasn't like a Taeyeon fan.

If I was there in place of that guy, who knows what I would have done with Eunji there. I don't know, I'd probably react like Troy Barnes.


  1. Were they roleplaying and he was in their manager's role ?

  2. That's actually adorable. What a lucky guy.

  3. AKF stop making me look like a pervert when I'm opening this site at uni lol

    1. I used to visit Really Cute Asians while I was at school haha. The only time I could never visit AKF at school was when I had the JYP plastic pants header.

    2. that banner needs to make a comeback. embarrassing kpop concepts should be the next theme. put a picture of inpenis next to kim k

  4. "Dude, it's time to get up."

    "Ok, if you could just hand me my jacket, that'd be great."

    "You didn't bring a jacket."

    "Well, now I'm just gonna sit here for a while."


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